Exhibition Stand Styles: 8 examples

Based the long history increating design-projects and constructing one-of-a-kind exhibition stands, we singled out several basic styles of the exhibition stands that are used in Expo Center venues. It is clear that every single participant wants to stand out of the competitors with effective exhibition stand in order to attract prospects, succeed in business and achieve the stated objectives. The FRESHEXPO experts can offer the most various styles of exhibition stand, and it is for you to choose the most suitable design.

Exhibition Stand 8 Basic Styles

1. Theme-based Exhibition Stand

This style of an exhibition stand will bring into reality even the boldest ideas! The structure can be made as a basketball court, a ship deck, a space station, a factory, a petroleum lump on the ice, a yurt or in any other style.

For example, an exhibition stand for cheese and dairy producers can be made as a farm with pictures of endless fields, scattered straw and even synthetic grass. For more entourage and to attract additional attention a promotional personnel, in farmer clothes can be added.

FRESHEXPO Exhibition Stand Examples

Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port – Exhibition Stand in shape of a ship.

Ust-Kamenogorsk Valve Plant united with Sibgazstroydetal – styled on plant premises

Russian Post - it is a real 3D maquette with conveyor belt and parcels. This is an example of how nonstandard and attractive exhibition area can be made using creative 3D graphics on a small site.

Neftegazmontazhservis and Arktikmorgeo – the is to show how the oil breaks out under the ice. These oil companies used to work in oil production in the Arctic Region.

2. Supporting Large Events

In order to make the stand more popular it cane be promoted with merchandise of a talked event. In such a case it is not necessary for event to be related to company business.

When preparing World Football Cup many of exhibitors took this theme on board and added respective merchandise such as balls and uniform, players, country map bearing the marks of the cities hosting the games.

Exhibition Stand Example – Madrid Region styled on MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK 2019 in Moscow - this was a world-class event. As the exhibition stand was focused on fashion audience there was a step and repeat banner with event logos, and anyone who wanted could take a picture with a celebrity against the background.

3. Continuing you promotional campaign

The design can be connected to promotional campaign. For example, we added samples of the current promotional offer for one of our regular clients that boosted its effect and increased brand associativity.

Exhibition Stand Example - VICI and Everybody Likes Crabs promotional campaign - we captured campaign-related on the stand: put a large LED screen playing promotional video and characters with full-color signs on a first deck and in the meeting rooms of the second deck.

4. Focused on the brand

If a goal is to promote a trade mark and increase of market profile, the exhibition area can be made as the exhibition stand focused on the brand. In this case the colors, fonts, spaces are transfered exactly to the project, in accordance with a brand book without any deviations.

Exhibition Stand Example focused on Rosneft brand.

The design was made strictly on brand book*, special focus in the exhibition stand style was made on company logo.

*The brand book unites and states in details basic elements of the company corporate style. Depending on specification the brand book may apart from corporate style contain brand ideology, customer profile, marketing strategy and house style of the company. The brand book is very important as it is a unified concept of the brand that gives a guidance in basics of brand system and saves tangible and time expenditure to produce promotional content. FRESHEXPO is ready to develop a brand book with corporate style of a company for  you. For more information please click here.

5. Focused on the product

When introducing a new product or equipment to a market a product-oriented exhibition stand shall be preferred. In this regard a proper background shall be created, the company information shall be lifted up for example on suspending structure in order not to be hidden by the equipment presented. The product shall be specially highlighted by a color or illumination, additional platform or such design solutions as a frame with trim stones.

Exhibition Stand Examples

Mistral introducing new product to a market  - the company presented an oatmeal porridge with various additives. We designed a special wall like a shop-window with additional illumination of products and a names of premiers.

For TVEMA, when constructing the exhibition stand, we arranged railroad equipment on special platforms and focused on it by professional color-shifting beamers.

6. Advanced technologies and multi-media

Multi-media stands are a new solution for exhibition participants. Touch screens, display screens playing live video and 3D graphics, live walls, robots, directional sound, laser technologies, holographics, stereo and this is a partial list of resources available allowing for an exhibition area to produce wow effect and additional illumination.

Exhibition Stand Examples

Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port with robot and touch-screen.

TVEMA with large LED screen.

TVEMA with professional beamers to highlight company exhibit item a railroad cart.

7. Irregular shape

It can be with fancy suspending structures, in futuristic style, it attracts public attention and creates sensations in an exhibition. It mainly depends on designer's fantasy and his skills to work with any kind of materials. The most important thing when making the exhibition stand in this style is a budget, as this structure often requires usage of innovative materials resulting in heavy expenses.

Exhibition Stand Examples

RED MEDIA as Japanesque structure.

TVEMA in futuristic style.

Yourt style oil and gas systems and awarded as The Most Innovative Design.

Moskabelmet reminds Moscow subway station.

8. Double-decker

Double-deck exhibition stands are a complex structure, it benefits from its large scale, effectiveness, exclusive design solutions, opportunity to apply interesting lighting solutions, it doubles the useful area and enables to demark the space efficiently and as comfortable as possible.

Double decker examples:

There is a VIP meeting room on the second deck of VICI exhibition stand.

TEKHNOSERV preferred to organize the top deck as an open-space meeting area.

The exhibition stand styles should be skillfully in line with a brand for a company business not to be lost behind the selected style that can be unrelated to its product directly, but chosen to attract a certain audience. Furthermore, using various exhibition stand styles it is important not to overfill a structure with decorative elements.

FRESHEXPO can help you to choose exhibition stand style in a professional manner, and also to develop a design-project and carry-out construction.

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