FRESHEXPO builds exhibition stands in Russia, the countries of CIS, Middle East, Asia, Europe and America.

Our specialists deliver all kinds of works — from exhibition stand design development to its further construction at the exhibition venue.

Unbeaten design solutions, distinctiveness, ingenuity, demonstrativeness, creativity, and style — are the essential ingredients for successful bespoke exhibition stand design that will not leave it unnoticed.

  • Design project
  • Multimedia
  • Furniture
  • Flowers Design

Exhibition stand is like a face of your company. It represents your brand and corporate image to the exhibition audience. Before we begin developing your exhibition stand design, it is important to find out the exact objectives that your company is setting for the trade show. Based on these, we work out the general concept of your exhibition stand (light, spacious, pared-down), accents (large exhibits), and zoning.

The construction of an exhibition stand must use your corporate colors, fonts and a logo — all elements that will help it stand out among other trade show participants. Any advertizing campaign, including exhibitions, will give much more effect, if your company has a brand book. A brand book is a collection of the brand elements and a detailed description of a brand. It influences every marketing campaign, communication and products. By covering every aspect of the brand, this document functions as a strategic guideline. You need a brand book? Order it at FRESHEXPO. Learn more
One and the same company’s exhibition stands can look absolutely different at several exhibitions.
 Form of construction elements, flying ceilings, various hanging signs and banners, general illumination and accent lighting for exhibits, space zoning into work areas and negotiation rooms, ways of presenting advertizing materials (banners, video panels, touch screen tables and self-service interactive kiosks) — all these elements might significantly change the general impression of your exhibition stand.
The main question is — where you decide to make accent. At one exhibition you may need a large negotiation zone, at another — you want to increase the space for master classes and tasting, at a third — the largest space will be taken by an innovation exhibit. All this alters the general impression of your stand.
After receiving your order, FRESHEXPO specialists will contact you to find out all the details.

What makes a stand engaging?

  • Height
    A show stand simply can not attract attention if it is lower than its neighbors.
    The best practice here is to check the venue plan with the exhibition contractors and look at the show stands that the neighboring companies had ordered for this or similar events in the past. You can increase height with flying ceilings, hanging signs and banners, which are visible from far away. The optimum stand height depends on the general concept of the stand design project, but it should not exceed the maximum allowed construction height for the pavilion.
  • More space
    If you need a large space for business negotiations, master-classes, testing and sampling, why not think about a double-decker exhibition stand?
  • Multimedia
    Another way to expand space is modern technology — use large plasma display panels to showcase the advantages of your product in action.
  • Promotion through interaction
    A wisely planned interaction with visitors is sure to attract them to your stand. It will create a certain logical route, along which the visitors move and get to experience everything that is offered on your stand.

Multimedia Systems Hire

What multimedia systems for an exhibition or conference are available for hire and rental?

  • HD LED screens;
  • Interactive LED floor panels;
  • Multi-screen LCD and LED seamless video walls;
  • Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp LED panels: 32", 42”, 50”, 60”, 65”, 80”;
  • Professional screen projection units;
  • Touch screen panels: from 22” to 55”;
  • Self-service information terminals;
  • Professional audio equipment;
  • Professional lighting equipment;
  • Video cameras and video control systems;
  • Videoconferencing;
  • Conference systems.
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Furniture Hire Furniture and equipment hire for exhibitions and events in Russia and abroad: In terms of comprehensive approach to organizing Clients’ participation in industry trade shows and other events, FRESHEXPO — exhibition stand builder — offers all necessary furniture and equipment hire and rental for your exhibition stand at trade shows in Russia and abroad.

We constantly add new interesting items to our base. When you place your order, we choose variants depending on your brand style and corporate colors, targets set for exhibition and Customer preferences for a particular event.

Furniture and Equipment: sofas, armchairs, stools, soft-seating, poufs and frameless furniture; chairs, metal frame chairs, folding chairs, tables of any size, glass tables and low coffee tables, high bar tables; furniture covering: chair covers, stool covers, table-cloths, and buffet table cloths.
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Flowers Design and Decoration

Floral design from FRESHEXPO:

  • Our specialists will be happy to meet your requirements and preferences in floral design;
  • They will take into account the exhibition stand zoning and its location in relation to other exhibitors;
  • We will locate floral compositions in the most convenient places for your personnel and guests;
  • We use high quality fresh and dried flowers for executing the agreed amount of works;
  • The tightest deadlines are no problem for us.

Sometimes, visitors spend the whole day at the exhibition centre and their time is mapped out to the last minute with important and fascinating events. And so it is essential not only to make your exhibition space cozy and welcoming, but also to maintain your guests’ well-being. We do not use plants with pungent and strong odor that might cause allergies or those losing petals easily, thus destroying the whole composition.

How many design variants do you provide?

Initially, we begin from your technical design specification. We collect information about your business, the objectives that you set for the exhibition, and your personal preferences as for the general impression of the stand.
We will consider every point with our constant dedication to details. When you get a raw version of the project and make any necessary corrections, we will give the approved project another brush to complete it.

How will design look in reality?

Just the same as in project. Our design is not just a lovely picture. It is a completely thought-through project with regard to space organization, engineering calculations, and financial expenses.

And what if we want to change something?

Upon agreement with your project manager, you may introduce some changes to the project up to the time when we buy materials and start constructing your exhibition stand.