DOUBLE DECKER EXHIBITION STANDS: Advantages & Specifications

Advantages & Specifications

1. Brilliance and Immensity

Compared to the competition, our double decker exhibition stands are noted for showiness, immensity, exceptional designer features (creative approach), and ability to use various lighting solutions – all this allows participants to introduce their companies in the most eligible manner. Logo trademarks mounted on the second level and LED panels ensure that your stand is visible even from the most remote areas of a pavilion thus increasing the number of attracted visitors and brand recognition.

2. Alternative to High-Priced Systems

Our specialists should frequently use expensive suspended structures with multiple hanging points in order to increase visual field of advertisement while designing and building up single-storey exhibition stand. Double decker exhibition stands make it unnecessary and cut down expenses significantly.

3. Two Times More Tasks in the Same Size Rented Area

Another benefit of a double decker stand is that useful area is increased and consequently you get two times more possibilities while renting the same size area. Actually many sophisticated exhibitors deal with the fact that the most advantageous locations with enough area to place an exhibition stand are already rented and it is unreasonable to cancel participation in the exhibition so in this case a double decker is the best solution.

4. Showcasing Your Product Range

A double decker exhibition stand will be economically advantageous for companies that incorporate several brands or for those willing to display the wide range of products. The available area allows showcasing more products in order to illustrate the company’s activity. You will be able to make a special area for every product, employ powerful designer solutions for each product or brand, and separate new products from long established ones.

5. Intelligent Space Allocation

Structure of a double decker stand allows intelligent space allocation to create areas for product demonstration and conferences (photos of zones within a single double decker are illustrated below). The first level is commonly used to create areas for back office and master classroom, showcase products and handout materials, and arrange a reception desk. The second level is used to arrange comfortable meeting rooms decorated with company-related graphics or left open to provide exciting view of the exhibition. Further, the second level can be used as an enclosed VIP area for private negotiations.

6. Embodying a Creative Designer Approach

Advanced materials and technology allows building the exhibition stands of any possible configurations but only a double decker offers scope for imagination, allows using various exclusive elements and concepts that reflect the brand’s philosophy in the best way. Creative designer approach along with the products showcased have maximum impact on visitors' feelings and impressions and give a comprehensive idea of the company’s goodwill, welfare, and its out-of-the-box methods for advertising products and manufacturing process.

7. More Possibilities for Multimedia Arrangement

Double decker exhibition stands provide maximum available area to arrange multimedia equipment with corporate commercials whether that be LED screens, seamless video walls, powerful TV projectors, widescreen LED panels, large multi-touch screens, digital cameras and video systems. Advanced sound and lighting equipment allows customers to go on a virtual journey and learn a lot more about the company and its products, and have fun when using this type of interactive platform. Multimedia support and interactive features guarantee that your exhibition stand will be 100% attractive and eye-catching.

Specifications to Double Decker Exhibition Stands:

• Full Height

Conventional permissible height of a double decker exhibition stand equals 6 meters but may vary up to 8.5 meters depending on type of an exhibition venue.

• Second Level Load

According to the specification, overall load imposed on the second level must not exceed 400 kg per square meter. Pay special attention to this requirement and avoid any errors while calculating overall second level load since even the slightest deviation may lead to an accident.

• Load-Bearing Structure

A static load capacity should be calculated to assess the load-bearing structure consisting of two levels. Platform for an exhibition stand must resist a load at least 500 kg per square meter; part of the platform that carry the load imposed by load-bearing structure of a double decker must withstand at least 2,500 kg per square meter.

• Fences

The perimeter of the second level should be guarded using glass or stainless steel fence at least 1.1 meter high from the second floor level. The first and second levels fencing must resist a lateral load combining at least 100 kg per square meter and prevent anyone from falling down.


The stairs are allowed to be straight only; other types of stairs can be used only for auxiliary purposes. The stairs length should be at least 5 meters, where four meters is the stairs themselves and one meter is intended for a lobby. The stairway should be at least 900 mm wide and resist a load at least 500 kg per square meter. It is not allowed to arrange lockers, coat stands, and reception desks under the stairs. This area should be kept clear at all times.

• Stand Decoration

We use a special type of laminated glass called triplex while decorating our exhibition stands. This laminated safety glass manufactured using heat and pressure have high strength and reliability: if shattered a special interlayer retains glass fragments so they are not scattered in order to prevent injuries. As concerns transparency, triplex is similar to a conventional glass and does not dim or distort visibility but still have improved sound insulation and UV protection.

Double decker exhibition stand is a complex structure that should be erected only by highly experienced and skilled specialists. Designers of an exhibition area should take into account strictly outlined specifications, calculate loads to bearing structures and stairs, mount lighting and audio equipment in a safe and reliable manner, and use an elaborate fire suppression system.

The FRESHEXPO specialists are always ready to design and develop exhibition stands of any complexity and purpose. We are highly experienced to deliver any projects in a skillful manner and ensure that your company will be perfectly demonstrated during an exhibition.

After a double decker stand is designed and constructed, we are fully responsible for its safe service during the entire exhibition and guarantee that all technical features comply with applicable specifications.