FRESHEXPO provides construction of exclusive exhibition stands.
After Customer chooses an appropriate design project of several variants, our team constructs it on the exhibition site with high quality. We give our Client all the necessary information relating to stand design and construction on the exhibition site. Your specific objectives and requirements are at the core of our thinking at all times.

FRESHEXPO builds exhibition stands in Russia, the countries of CIS, Middle East, Asia, Europe and America.

  • Stand Construction
  • Zones
  • Hanging
  • Flooring

It is important to remember that event organizers allow only installation works inside the exhibition hall.
In the pavilions, any construction works (such as welding, cutting, etc.) are prohibited. And so it is very important to choose an experienced exhibition stand constructor, who will anticipate all possible needs and minutest details in advance.

FRESHEXPO team thoroughly examines the booked area and specific construction requirements before building the exhibition stand. The professionally assembled stand does not differ in the least from the 3D model agreed by the Customer.

The process of exhibition stand construction involves several steps:

  • Installation of raised floor platforms and flying ceilings, hanging signs, and banners;
  • Building framework structures;
  • Flooring;
  • Spackling and interior works;
  • Self-adhesive vinyl film application;
  • Connection of equipment and lighting to power supply;
  • Furniture assembly and placement;
  • Arrangement of exhibits and display racks on the stand;
  • Connection and setting of video and audio equipment, refrigerators, etc.;
  • Cleanup after construction and assembly works (included in the price, cleaning services during the exhibition are provided at additional cost);
  • Dismantle of equipment and constructions after the exhibition.

What makes a stand engaging?

  • Height
    A show stand simply can not attract attention if it is lower than its neighbors.
    The best practice here is to check the venue plan with the exhibition contractors and look at the show stands that the neighboring companies had ordered for this or similar events in the past. You can increase height with flying ceilings, hanging signs and banners, which are visible from far away. The optimum stand height depends on the general concept of the stand design project, but it should not exceed the maximum allowed construction height for the pavilion.
  • More space
    If you need a large space for business negotiations, master-classes, testing and sampling, why not think about a double-decker exhibition stand?
  • Multimedia
    Another way to expand space is modern technology — use large plasma display panels to showcase the advantages of your product in action.
  • Promotion through interaction
    A wisely planned interaction with visitors is sure to attract them to your stand. It will create a certain logical route, along which the visitors move and get to experience everything that is offered on your stand.

Design of exhibition stand begins from the general exhibition plan.

Specialist checks location of the area booked by the Customer (whether it is by the entrance, in the corner, in the middle of the hall, close to large open spaces, or on the contrary next to big and tall stands of other companies). You can rest assured that we will offer you the most effective variant for the chosen space.

After that, the space is divided into three zones:
Service area
Cloakrooms, storehouse, kitchen, and other utility rooms as may be necessary.
Negotiation area
This zone usually takes not more than 40% of the total stand space. However, if a company focuses on personal contact, it can be even bigger. The negotiation room can be open, separated from the rest of the space with tinted glass, or it might as well be secluded giving you a chance to talk one-on-one with your prospective Customer.
Presentation area
The presentation zone is the part of exhibition stand which is visible to all guests. It includes all types of advertizing — full-scale exhibits and their models, information stands with handouts, video panels, master class zones, etc.
Cleanliness, neatness and an attentive manner of presenting material are crucial. It is important to know how to present anything, even the most innovative product or service, in order to acquire a reputation as a reliable partner in long-term outlook.
Any visual images are to your advantage — pictures, high-resolution photographs, maps, schemes, graphs, and videos.
Placing elements of your corporate style on all advertizing media allows you to get into the memory of your prospective Clients on the massive background of other offers. As a few ideas, add a motivating slogan under your logo, put a bunch of flowers in the colors of your brand on the reception counter, or think about uniform for your personnel, etc.

Exhibition stands with hanging elements, banners and flying ceilings stand out among other — even exclusive — projects.
Since they are higher, your logo rises above other stands and you extend your presence over other exhibitors. Hanging banners are a very effective way to boost visibility to your trade show display from far away and from different parts of exhibition hall. You can also place additional lighting on overhead constructions to create a special atmosphere and take your visitors into your world.

Flying constructions are the best advertizing media. They open unlimited opportunities for creativity, which is highly appreciated at trade shows. Companies get prestigious awards for the best exhibition stands.
Hanging constructions can be made in any form and size — round, cubic, spherical, you name it!
Although the choice of color is just as unlimited, as a rule, our Customers prefer their corporate colors in various combinations. Our professional and passionate exhibition stand designers will create a stand that promotes your brand and creatively communicates your message. They will help you choose the right individual solution depending on the selected type of stand (island, peninsula, and corner stand) and the available budget.

Floor is one of the most important parts of an exhibition stand. Today, we enjoy a great variety of textures and coverings. You can have a raised floor, make a multi-level podium, cover it with carpet, laminated chip board, plastic, etc.

FRESHEXPO will offer a technical solution and design for stand flooring according to your vision.

What is the difference between an exclusive and standard exhibition stand?

An exclusive stand gives broad opportunities for presenting a Company at the exhibition.

Our objective is to create a unique exhibition stand that meets your budget, exceeds your expectations and gives you return on your investment. Creative design ideas will make your stand catchy and engaging. Materials like fabric, stone, glass, wood, plastic, and metal, will add an effective and peculiar edge to your exposition.
Lighting is very important too. Light effects, built-in plasma displays, light boxes, hanging banners will make your exposition unusual, bright, and stylish. An exclusive stand allows to reflect your form of activity and individuality of your company, thus increasing the effect of exhibition.
Despite the construction complexity, our team works closely with you to help translate your requirements into a design that is stylish, functional, ergonomical, technically safe, and comfortable.

Why do we have to construct the same stand for every exhibition all over again?

First of all, exhibition centers differ in space and location. Moreover, each tradeshow organizer might have specific requirements.
The stand can be changed for every exhibition depending on the current product promotion goals and objectives, new advertizing media, current promo events, and the available budget (prices may differ from country to country).

Specific approaches to exhibition stand construction in different countries

Some countries or particular exhibition centers might use specific approaches to exhibition stand construction.

There can be certain restrictions as to the height of construction, terms of installation and removal, provided resources, and the cost of additional services.
FRESHEXPO is competent and experienced in organizing exhibitions in Russia (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Surgut, Novy Urengoy, Rostov-on-Don), near abroad (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan), Europe (Germany, Poland), Middle East (Iran, Qatar, UAE), and Asia (China, India, Vietnam). You can count on our expertise and responsibility in working on projects from the planning stage and all the way through to realization of any idea.