Tubes, Wires and Cables Production Achievements will be Presented in the Tubes and Wires Exhibition in Germany

Joint Wire and Tubes exhibitions open its doors in Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre on Monday, April 16. Both are held twice a year in Germany and as they are so much interested that the same events have been also organized in Russia, Brazil, PRC, Southeast Asia countries, the USA, India, Iran, and all fast emerging industrial markets. The Exhibition will occupy 118.000 sq. m this year.

The FRESHEXPO expert created and brought into reality the design project of the exhibition stand (60 sq. m) for Kaustik Europe b.v. Laconic light white and blue scheme in the modern European style was chosen for the stand. Well seen from three sides stand attracts attention by notable from a distance, large but visually “aerial” and “flying” suspended structure with company logo in two sides. Stand zoning with properly highlighted key points allows for comfort doing business with partners in reception zone, in enclosed meeting room and at the tables in open-space meeting room. Unique wall-mounted banner with fine-line drawing of plant panoramic view, big lighting fixtures, and also glass bulbs with bulk materials representing the company products add the cherry on top of the project. Video screen displaying sizzle reel is located nearby.

Over 1,419 visitors from 51 countries attended the exhibitions. The exhibits will occupy over 65,000 sq.m, which is more than previous result of 2016 by 6,000 sq.m. The Wire halls host advanced machinery for cable and wire production and finishing; tools and accessories for production processes; raw materials, special wire and cable; fiber optic cable; instrumentation and control equipment; in-process control technologies and special equipment.

The experts will pay special attention to fiber optic cable production, new promising direction in the industry.

The Tube Exhibition shows a solid growth as well, filling the total space over 53,000 sq.m, which is 2,000 sq.m bigger than before in 2016. 1,216 exhibitors from 57 countries will be present in 2018. Tube participants will bring advanced machineries and equipment for tubular production; operating supplies; tubular goods and accessories; outfit and auxiliary equipment for production; instrumentation and control equipment; in-process control technologies and special equipment; pre-owned equipment; moulds and equipment.

Wire & Tube Exhibitions will be closed on Friday April 20.
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