Aspentech Exhibition Stand for EGYPS 2023 in Cairo

EGYPS 2023 took place from 13 - 15 February in Cairo, where the oil&gas professionals met to have a productive dialogue and to create partnerships, and made decisions and developed strategies remodelling global energy markets.

The FRESHEXPO team developed a design-project and constructed a 28 sq.m. exhibition stand for Aspentech.

The peninsular exhibition stand is as ever made in corporate colours and it is trendy and stylish space for work at the event. Using a niche and ornamental strips we managed to make the showroom cozy and functional. There were Plasma TVs as a must-have attributes for company data display at the exhibition stand as usual. Extra light made of both lamps and yellow and blue contrast lines illumines the structure and makes it brighter and more attractive for visitors.

EGYPS 2024 will take place from 12 to 14 of February in Cairo in EIEC with expanded area attracting over 35 000 visitors of local and international companies. The projects of Egypt, North Africa and East Mediterranean will be discussed, strategic priorities will be determined and broad overview of oil&gas sector will be formed at the exhibition.

You are welcome to participate with construction of one-of-a-kind exhibition stand in 2024!