The FRESHEXPO team has developed a design-project and constructed MOXA exhibition stand at the «Power Grids» International Forum

On March 22-25 in VDNH the «Power Grids» International Forum (PGIF) took place a large-scale event in the electric power industry focused on discussing and solving priority tasks of the electric grid complex.

The FRESHEXPO team developed a design-project and constructed an exhibition stand for MOXA.

The L-shaped exhibition stand was made in corporate colours of MOXA, a world-wide leader in production and development of communication equipment for industry automation systems.

The 20 sq.m. area included a reception zone, a meeting table, a showpiece, and a small working area with plasma TV. The information about company business was presented by stylish pictures on two walls of the stand. An elegant flower arrangement dressed harmoniously the reception zone up.

PGIF is a leading platform to discuss actual issues on power infrastructure transformation among federal and regional authorities, equipment manufacturers, heads of the largest power distribution and generating companies, scientific institutions and associations, Russian and international experts.