Making Promotional Materials and Souvenirs for Aspentech Conference

«Modern Trends in Chemical Industry Digital Transformation» is a specialized conference hosted by Aspentech that has been held in Moscow in early October.

The FRESHEXPO specialists rendered services for making promotional materials and souvenirs with brand logo application: pens, USB flash drive keychains, paper folders, daily planners, and welcome packs.

The event agenda included improvement of business process management in the field of chemistry and petrochemical industry as well as issues concerned with chemical and production process simulation, operational asset servicing, and supply chain management.

The specialists of large-scale institutions from Russia introduced their opinions and visions of a development strategy for digital transformation of chemical and petrochemical industries and discussed current trends and operational experience of Aspentech software.

The conference represents an event for professionals thanks to which the specialists are inspired by modern ideas, share accomplishments of the company they work for, exchange knowledge with fellow workers, search for cutting-edge solutions that have effect on development of the industry in general.

In order to host a successful business event it is required to attend more to details and therefore over the years the souvenirs and welcome packs have proved effective both for creating image and for establishing and maintaining long-term business contacts.

Our specialists have a wide experience in making souvenirs and promotional materials for different business meetings and exhibitions. We also render a full range of services for short-run and long-run publications. For more details on making promotional materials and souvenirs please refer to our web-site.
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