The FRESHEXPO team has developed the design-projects and constructed AVACHA exhibition stand for Word Food 2021

From September 21 to 24 World Food 2021 opened its doors in the International Exhibition Center Crocus Expo, where the leading producers and suppliers exhibited their products, services, came into new agreements and updated the old ones. The participants said that this place had been facilitating the active development.

The FRESHEXPO experts developed a design-project and constructed 20 sq.m. exhibition stand for AVACHA.

The L-shaped exhibition stand is made using industry-related pictures referring to the client's business - production of fish products. A display compartment is in the corner ot the stand increasing an opportunity for a view and building reach. There are illuminated logos on two walls of the stand. The logo on the reception desk was illuminated as well, creating warm ambience and standing the structure out and making it more attractive for visitors.

Our company is pretty much experienced in constructing one-of-a-kind exhibition stands for food products exhibitions and uses the skills to show the client's products in the best way possible. Quality, customized approach and humanly attitude are our right partners along the entire journey of our company.