The FRESHEXPO team developed a design-project of Security Vision exhibition stand and built it for SOC-Forum

On December 7-8 at World Trade Center Moscow where SOC-Forum "Anti-Cyberattack Practice and IS Monitoring Center Creation" took place. This was one of the most important events in the Russian information security sector, which concept in 2021 was "To learn. To see. To realize!".

The participants were not only be able to get to know the reliable information, last trends, collegues' experience, clients' expectations but to see the advanced technologies, real SOC in action, the most recent solutions on the market and to realize new directions of cooperation, ambitious projects, novel ideas and the best practices within two days.

The FRESHEXPO experts developed the design-project of the 6 sq.m. exhibition stand and constructed it for Security Vision. Small but canny exhibition stand attracted attention by neon lighted scenic wall that reproduced Security Vision logo. A meeting area located at right angle to Plasma TV enabled to arrange more seats for negotiations.