The FRESHEXPO Experts Have Brought into Reality an Exclusive Exhibition Stand at Securika Moscow Exhibition

March 19 to 22, 2019, Expocentre hosts Russia's largest exhibition of security technical facilities and equipment for ensuring safety and fire protection.

Our employees have designed and brought into life the design project of the 35 sq. m. exhibition stand for «Nienshants-Avtomatika». For more information about exhibition stand click here

«Securika Moscow» is an effective exhibition platform, where exhibitors have the opportunity to demonstrate their products to a large interested audience in a short period of time, and representatives of state authorities, law enforcement agencies, industrial organizations, and business can discuss topical issues of the industry.

Leading Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of technical facilities and equipment presented their exhibition stands in order to introduce and promote their products on the market, attract interested customers and increase the sales. The visitor have the opportunity to know the latest technologies and improve their level of professional development at the events of the business program.

The organizers took good care of the plans of the events: forums, conferences, contests, lectures and «BIM & Security» award are held during all the days of the exhibition.

The visitors are the professionals in specific equipment operation and safety systems installation, wholesalers and retailers of security systems.

Thematic sections are video surveillance, access control, perimeter protection, alarm, notification, fire protection, automation of buildings, «smart house» system.

The main industry event of the year was attended by more than 400 organizations from 22 countries, 69 new participants and 26 innovative developments.

Trade Shows by Theme: Defense, Weapons