The FRESHEXPO team delivered a customized exhibition stand for Dobroflot at the Global Fishery Forum in Saint Petersburg

On September 8, 2021 EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre opened its doors for Global fishery forum & Seafood Expo Russia 2021, where the FRESHEXPO team constructed a 70 sq.m. exhibition stand for Dobroflot company.

The experts of all sectors of fish industry participated the fishery, seafood and technology exhibition. This was an opportunity for the participants to expand the geography and sales, present its products and services, make new business contacts.

Our client's main purpose of participating in the forum was to show the dimensions of the company not only as a fish cans manufacturing leader, but as an owner of the equiped merchant fleet enabling to work continuously all-the-year-around in overseas expedition in the Pacific ocean and to process a fresh fish right off a port.

The FRESHEXPO designers developed the exhibition stand as a ship that was an accurate representation of the company message at the event. Broadly speaking, the hip and edgy exhibition stand with geometric features, different illumination, display cases and meeting areas met all client's requirements and preferences and at the same time it was comfortable and eye-catching for the forum visitors.

Выставочный стенд ДОБРОФЛОТ   Закрытая переговорная комната на выставочном стенде ДОБРОФЛОТ