The FRESHEXPO team has developed and brought into reality the design-project of the exhibition stand for Aspentech at SABIC exhibition.

SABIC exhibition devoted to petrochemical industry took place between 17th and 20th February in King Abdallah Cultural Center – Jubail City in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

During the last decade the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made real progress in petrochemical industry that contributed to development of national economy and expansion of the world-wide presence of the Kingdom. The petrochemical industry is the second largest field in the country and the investments in the petrochemicals increased in the recent years aiming to use a huge potential of the field.

The FRESHEXPO experts designed and built up 24 sq.m. exhibition stand for Aspentech.

The exhibition stand configured as a half-island was made in business style. Pictures and TV panels playing the video create an informative sequence of company business. The open space with meeting area create the atmosphere of open communication, and illuminated high deck attracts extra attention. Catering and hostess services were rendered additionally.

vystavochnyj-stend-aspenteсh-2020-1.jpg   vystavochnyj-stend-aspenteсh-2020-4.jpg