Construction of a showstand for JSC «Tyazhpromarmatura» and TyazhPromComplect Oil&Gas Systems JSC at ROS-GAS-EXPO 2014

Construction of a showstand for JSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" and TyazhPromComplect Oil&Gas Systems JSC at ROS-GAS-EXPO 2014.

On 7-10 October, 2014, the 18th International Specialised Exhibition of Natural Gas Industry and Technology for Gas Facility "ROS-GAS-EXPO 2014" is taking place in the second pavilion of CEC Expoforum in Saint Petersburg.

FRESHEXPO built up showstands for JSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" and TyazhPromComplect Oil&Gas Systems JSC, 81 sq. m in area.

  • Corporate advertising of TyazhPromComplect Oil&Gas Systems JSC
  • Presentation of JSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" products
  • Demonstration of innovations, high technologies and developments
  • Presentation of new products in various fields of activities of oil and gas companies
  • Focus on exponents demonstration.

A large four-sided pendant with logos and names of companies is noticeable from any part of pavilion, which helped visitors easily find the stand among other exhibitors.

Color layout

The stand is made of white material. Spectacular accent lighting of most significant elements and recognizable corporate colors (white and blue) ensured the stable positive perception of the exposition.

Space zoning
The chosen type of construction — Peninsula — increased the demonstration space of the stand and allowed to use the available area with maximum effect.

The eight exhibits were placed in such a way which allowed to approach and explore each of them from all sides.

On the left and on the right of the stand there are two open areas for negotiation. There is one more negotiation room designed in the same style as the rest of the composition. The showstand has a bar zone to treat the guests.

Phyto-design on the site
In accordance with the general design idea, open spaces were decorated with Spathiphyllum flowers in flower beds, bar zone, and at information stands.
The negotiation room is decorated with original compositions of white Calla lilies in white vases.

FRESHEXPO provided catering services to JSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" and TyazhPromComplect Oil&Gas Systems JSC.