Pharmaceutical equipment, raw materials and technologies to be featured in Pharmtech & Ingredients

Pharmtech & Ingredients the largest international exhibition in Russia and the CIS will take place from November 21 to 24 2017 in IEC Crocus Expo Moscow. The exhibition is held once a year in periodic basis with support of industry ministries and associations.

The FRESHEXPO experts created and brought into reality design projects of exhibition stands for Donau Lab Moscow, JSC (24.5 sq. m), Milk Packaging Factory (24 sq. m) and ZMAJ (63 sq. m).

Illuminated raised floors of different configuration are the key elements of Donau Lab Moscow, JSC exhibition stand. Intelligent space arrangement in particular combination of presentation and meeting areas allows for good access to exhibit items, visualizing the products and discussing it in details at once. Light colours, elegant flower arranging and polygonal shaped illustrations with backlit illuminations create pleasurable aura within the stand.

The idea of “clean zones” is embodied into ZMAJ exhibition stand, which reflects company business profile. Wide open stand allows for freely examining the exhibit items.

The FRESHEXPO experts built up an exhibition stand for Milk Packaging Factory, a domestic pack producer, in form of Push-Through-Pack for medicine. The challenging idea of the stand not only attracts attention of visitors, but holds out a hope of attracting more targeted audience.

The participants of the event will show different types of packing and manufacturing equipment, lab equipment, and design decisions for creation turn-key pharmaceutical production, clinical trials, clean rooms, and pharmaceutical logistics. Ingredients section will demonstrate increased importance of high quality API and functional ingredients in producing contemporary medicine. The visitors will be able to see the most of exhibit items in operation presented in the participants’ exhibitions stands.

The experts of pharmaceutical industry will have an opportunity to meet representatives of the leading international companies, take advice on solving their own business problems, find out of the latest solutions of international manufacturers equipment and materials, and share the best practices and knowledge with their colleagues during Pharmtech & Ingredients exhibition.

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