The FRESHEXPO team designed and constructed a stand for PIK company for Kazavtodor 2019 exhibition in Nur-Sultan

On November 28, The International exhibition Kazavtodor-Kaztraffic opened its doors Korme Exhibition Centre.

The event is hold annually and presents the products widely used in Kazakhstan road industry and housing and utility sector to the visitors and participants. The world leaders in advanced products development and manufacturing participate in the exhibition, so the participants can establish business partnership, negotiate the products supply, buy the machines and technology for its fleet.

The FRESHEXPO experts developed a design-project and constructed 25 sq.m. exhibition stand for PIK company.

The exhibition stand is made in business style using customer's corporate colors in design. The stand with relatively small space was managed to be harmoniously decorated with contemporary components and multi-media equipment: LED screen, lightboxes, 3D logo with outline illumination, Crystal Light Led Panels.

There is a reception desk with flower decoration in the center of the stand to welcome and first contact with primary audience. It has both open-space and semi-enclosed meeting areas with beautiful and comfort furniture. There are exhibit items with visual objects to be presented to the visitors at an open platform on the front-end of the stand.

vystavochnyj-stend-pik-2019-1.jpg    vystavochnyj-stend-pik-2019-4.jpg