The FRESHEXPO team designed and brought into reality the design-project of the stand for Niyenshants-Avtomatika at INTERPOLITEX exhibition

On October 22-25, INTERPOLITEX Homeland Security Exhibition exhibition was held in VDNH Moscow. It was the opportunity to know hi-tech and innovations of Russian designers, scientists and engineers. The event is highly prestigious among national and international representatives of the industry and a platform for discussing and making mutually be neficial contracts.

The FRESHEXPO experts have designed and brought into reality the design-project of the 28 sq. m. exhibition stand for Niyenshants-Avtomatika

The exhibition stand is made in company colors of the client with the most comfortable arrangement is smallish space. Tridimensional lighting logo and brightly illuminated pylons bring the exhibition out of standing by. 

The branded reception desk, sufficient multimedia equipment, product show windows and meeting open space make the communication comfortable and constructive. Symmetrical decoration with juicy green floral arrangements on both sides creates general feeling of order, and crystal-light panels supplement with information, volume and light.