The FRESHEXPO team developed a design-project of Moskabelmet exhibition stand and constructed in at ESR 2022 exhibition this autumn

The next «Power Grids 2022» International Forum took place in VDNH pavilions on November 22-25. The forum agenda included exhibition and subject-related research to practice conferences on pressing topics of management in power industry.

The FRESHEXPO team developed a design-project of the exhibition stand and constructed it for Moskabelmet including making out of content/animation for LED screen.

When developing the design-project the highlights of client's business were studied and taken into account, that became a basis for developing Meta-Universe concept implemented using multi-media technologies.

The central part of of the stand is presented by a large LED screen playing video content with products and company numbers thus displaying the leading position of Moskabelmet in Russia.

On the both side from the screen the left and right walls of the exhibition stand are decorated with effective sharp illumination that gives additional light and cubic capacity.

The information counter with built-in touch screens to work with content fits perfectly in the general idea of the exhibition stand and competes it harmonically. The furniture was also selected in accordance with the underlying concept of the project.