The FRESHEXPO team has developed the design-projects and constructed an exhibition stand for SVEL at ENERGY EXPO 2022 in Minsk

Belarusian energy and industry forum «ENERGY EXPO 2022» that hosted several issue-related exhibitions was held on October 11-14 in Minsk. The Forum is being held since 1995 and it is the largest showcase platform for the subjects in the country.

The goal of the forum is to observe current achievements in science, machinery and technology on the fields of energy, electronics, power management, automation, environmental protection.

Our team developed the design-project and constructed 32 sq.m. exhibition stand for SVEL.

An exhibition stand for SVEL was made in eco-style with multi-layered laying of decoration. Professionally done asymmetry looked unusual and stood the exhibition stand out among the other bystanding exhibition stands. There were loft-style lamps in the stand as for supplementary illumination, as well as outline illumination of pictures and logos. And it is obvious that the eco-stand has extensive floral arrangement creating a kind of oasis. Light colours are enjoyable for visitors and making a space of entire structure visually.