The FRESHEXPO team has brought the Nienshants-Avtomatika exhibition stand design-project into reality at Electrotrans, the international exhibition

On September 21-23 Expocentre at Krasnaya Presnya hosted the Electrotrans exhibition as a part of Russian week of public transport, where Nienshants-Avtomatika's exhibition stand made by FRESHEXPO was presented.

Due to effective corner configuration of the 16 sq. m. exhibition stand doesn't look small. The meeting area is zoned by in-depth bay, and a utility room is totally noteless in this version of the design. The reception is conveniently arranged for talks with visitors and company demonstrations. Graphics, texts and plasma TV make the exhibition stand complete with style and functionality.

Electric transport is one of the basic means maintaining human mobility, high standards of living and therefore is the most important element of a new town traffic infrastructure.

The goal of the event is to provide the exerts, executive officers of the urban public transport companies, municipal district representatives, federal government and suppliers of vehicle stocks, products and services for electric transport with a platform for communication.