One-of-the-kind exhibition stand ASPENTECH at ADIPEC 2022 exhibition in UAE

On October 31 the international oil and gas and petrochemical industry exhibition and conference «ADIPEC 2022» being a worldwide leading event in oil and gas industry at the moment opened its doors in Abu-Dabi. A value of carbon-zero future was discussed at the event with demonstration of the advanced technologies, and a look into effective strategies and solutions of problems and opportunities created by complicated dynamics of the global energy market.

The FRESHEXPO team developed a design-project of 66 sq.m. exhibition stand and brought it into reality at the exhibition for ASPENTECH. We also provided with catering services.

Design-projects developed by out company for ASPENTECH are respectable, stylish, modern and presentable exhibition stands regardless of area. This project was not an exception. Complicated structure with asymmetry elements, various multi-media equipment, including three video columns. large TV screen and plasma in a meeting room meets all client's requirements.

Flower arrangement is presented by asymmetrical columns, completing the big picture of the design, elegant floral works in meeting areas, as well as a vegetal wall giving a splendid visual effect.

A bar counter with national refreshments of the exhibition hosting country for guests of out clients and theirs employees became a pleasant place for live talks at the exhibition stand.

Special mention should be made of space for meetings; a stand furnished with cozy and fancy furniture, completed with globe-shaped lighting, decorated with graphic pictures of client's company business improved comfort and ensured maximum convenience for keeping business talks.