Moscow Open Boat Racing Championship on Rowing Machines

December 3–4, 2011, a competition in boat racing on ergometers took place on the rowing channel in Krylatskoye.

Among other companies FRESHEXPO became partner of this event.

Moscow Boat Racing Championship on ergometers pursued the following objectives:
  • popularization of kayak-paddling and canoeing in the city of Moscow;
  • sizing up the achievements of working with sport schools students and veterans;
  • finding the strongest sportsmen in the preliminary rounds in ergometer racing;
  • to control the course of preparation of the strongest sportsmen for the competition season in their weight class.
Among admitted to this competition were students of sport schools, clubs and veterans of the city of Moscow. Contests were held according to age groups.

Winners of the competition were awarded with prizes, medals and award-certificates of the corresponding grades.

This competition was organized by the Federation of kayak-paddling and canoeing in the city of Moscow with the support of "Moscow Sport–3" benefits of Moskomsport. The direct responsibility for running the competitions was laid upon the Moscow jury of appeal.