Apply for participation in MAKS 2015 exhibition program

FRESHEXPO is inviting companies involved in the aviation and space industry business to take part in the exhibition program of the famous Russia’s Aviation Salon MAKS. It will be held at the grounds of the Transport Exhibition Center «Russia» in Moscow region on 25 to 30 August, 2015.

Our specialists will make a catchy design project for your exhibition stand based on your corporate style. We will also build up your stand with high quality and at reasonable price.  We strongly believe in customer-centered approach and some of our core values are good faith and diligence. We are ready to tender for your contract if you invite bids.

You can see our works in the Portfolio section.

The International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS is the leading event not only for enterprises in aerospace industry, but also for related industries, equipment and spare parts suppliers and maintenance contractors. MAKS provides a unique opportunity to experts in the field and businessmen for establishing multi-level connections, further developing industrial cooperation and finding new business partners. The key role of the Aviation Salon as a generator of new alliances and productive ideas is recognized worldwide.

As a tradition, during the first three days the salon is open only for specialists, journalists and VIP delegations.  This time is devoted to business meetings, negotiating contracts and agreements, presentations of innovative developments in aviation science and technology, scientific conferences and symposiums.

In 2013, the exhibition brought together 287 foreign exhibitors from 44 countries. Their expositions took the space of indoor pavilions (net area – 19,385 sq. m), open space (7,352 sq. m), 97 chalets (with total area of 9,300 sq. m), and the static parking lot (over 140,000 sq. m).

The event was covered by 3.5 thousand officially accredited journalists from over 900 Russian and foreign mass media.

Despite the bad weather conditions, over 350,000 people visited the exhibition, including about 70,000 industry specialists.

Contact FRESHEXPO by phone: +7 (495) 665-64-84, and +7 (495) 943-44-30 for further information on how to take part in MAKS 2015 with an exhibition stand.