Decoration of IDGC of CENTRE

FRESHEXPO developed a design project of plates, produced them for the company and delivered the printed matter to the regions.

IDGC of CENTRE is an operating company performing activity in two main markets: in the market of electric power transmission and distribution, and also in the market of grid connection.

Our company provided the following services:
  • Development of design projects
  • Production of sign plates for customer service centres, payment acceptance outlets and power supply services
  • Delivery of information plates to the regions
These cervices were provided for three divisions of IDGC of CENTRE, including the total of 29 subdivisions:
  • Orelenergo division includes four subdivisions.  IDGC of Centre–Orelenergo division provides centralized power supply of the economic region.  
  • Kurskenergo division includes 17 subdivisions. The main activities of IDGC of Centre–Kurskenergo division are electrical energy delivery and the connection of new consumers to the electric distribution networks of the division. 
  • Bryanskenergo division includes 8 subdivisions. IDGC of Centre–Bryanskenergo division performs electrical energy delivery by distribution nets of 0.4–110 kV on the territory of Bryansk region and the connection of power receivers to the electric distribution networks.

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