Exhibition Stand Design Project

A design-project of an exhibition stand is a creative stage of work by developing custom stand decoration, to make it easy to identify with a brand and to attract intense interest of intended audience. It is custom configuration and interesting decoration that allows a company to stand out to against the competitors of a pavilion.

A lot of companies tend to participate in industry exhibitions and consider it as one of the main ways of promotion for their goods and services. Company presentation at the exhibition is a direct lead to an intended audience and promising cooperation. That is why a competition in an exhibition pavilion is so tough and design solutions presented are various.

The FRESHEXPO's primary goal is to make the structure to attract as much visitors' attention as possible and to meet the targets set by a company at the exhibition. The features of the leased site, an event format, principal competitors analysis, corporate style identity and marketing policy are taken into account when creating an exhibition stand design project. We make quality visualization and presentation observing necessary technical specification without doubt.

Our team develops a design-project in accordance with your requirements and requests stated in the terms of reference. We do our best to minimize amendments from the very beginning and achieve the result you need by means of precise review of the terms of reference, detailed discussion of the project, company and competitors analysis.

Our designers create design-projects together with a project manager, structural engineers, and engineers. They visualize creative ideas based on your requirements and requests paying attention to each detail. Our design visualization is always 100% the same as finally built structure that has direct effect on a success of participation in the event. As a result we manage to reflect even the boldest ideas. Me make the structure not only effective and attractive but functionally friendly as well.

The only thing you need to do is to fill a form of the terms of reference (or send us your version of the TR) and approve the visual images we sent on time. The rest of work we will do all alone. We aim to create mutual understanding between the team and the client as only this tandem will make a presentation of the brand, goods and services the most effective.

When working with our team, you will not need to find any other contractors for any services. We offer a turnkey exhibition stand service: design, fabrication, installation and following dismantling, and also a range of additional services. The geography of our services covers entire Russia and abroad anywhere in the world.

This work can be entrusted to a skilled personnel only and exciting company experience allows to be sure of our competence.

Please note that FRESHEXPO develops design-projects of exhibition stands on condition of following construction only. We do not construct under third-party projects as well.

We complete the work in time and treat both ourselves and quality of our services with demand.

By ordering an exhibition stand from FRESHEXPO you will get as follows:

  • Custom-tailored service;
  • Offer of the best version of exhibition stand, based on the assumed budget;
  • Out-of-the-box ideas using innovative materials;
  • Time saving – we know how to work quickly and effectively;
  • Turnkey project both inside and outside Russia, offering additional services in addition to construction;
  • Perfect quality of work and in due time. 

Contact FRESHEXPO by phone 8(495) 660-60-68 or by sending a request to e-mail to create an exhibition stand design-project and its following construction.