Exhibition Stand Decorating for Event

In order to stand out under conditions of tough competition among exhibition participants smart and one-off decoration of an exhibition stand shall be used. The FRESHEXPO Co provides with design and creation of exhibition stand decoration options for exhibition in Moscow, Russia and around the globe.

Proper exhibition stand decoration allows to attract the audience attention, reach the prospects with important information, introduce a brand to visitors and enhance its recognizability, present a product profitably and effectively, consider and divide working areas efficiently.

The Decoration alternatives of a structure are thought over from the very beginning of the project at the concept development phase in accordance with customer's corporate style. Both paint and paintless techniques, lightings, water panels, illumination, multi-media equipment, technologic innovations and so on are applied for one-off solutions of an exhibition structural element.

The FRESHEXPO experts are constructing exhibition stands on a regular basis and know the market specific very well, follow the actual decor trends, analyze the things that may be interesting for visitors, and successfully apply their knowledge and skills practically.

Landscape and floral decoration may give exclusiveness to an exhibition structure. Natural flowers, bushes, mini-trees, hedges are ideal to decorate an exhibition stand and create special micro climate within exhibition area, make the atmosphere in the meeting rooms more confidential, give freshness to entire exhibition area and set the visitors for positive meed.

When decorating an exhibition stand for an exhibition event illumination with a particular focus on a logo or company product shall be kept in mind. Use of bright elements such as light panels draw visitor's attention to images, presented by a customer to take a close look at his business, and decoration light bulbs mark a bar zone or a show-window fairly.

Use of multi-media equipment, plasma display panels, LED screens and light box enable a company to show the whole content prepared, make an exhibition area modern and attract additional attention to it.

Smart arrangement of show-windows, leaflet holders, reception desks, furniture shall be considered in order not to ruin the visual appearance of the whole structure, but make it comfortable to work over the whole period of an exhibition.

The professional approach of our designers enables to create exhibition areas complying with customer colour range, not overbearing different decoration elements, with clear, brief and easy-to remember information. The company has in-house high-skilled designers, certified subject experts with great experience.

Our team always pre-negotiate all decor elements and materials, lighting, floral arrangement, furniture, and equipment to be used with a customer. 

Beyond exhibition stand decoration our team offers a whole range of services on exhibition participation organization such as: design-project development, structure manufacture and installation, catering, cleaning, equipping with multi-media, equipment and furniture rental, promotional personnel provision, stand disassembling after exhibition.

Due to our teamwork the customers obtain effective and efficient exhibition structures, and we will get a real pleasure from implementing individual and interesting project. 

For more cases of exhibition stand decoration for events, floral arrangements, lighting and other one-off solutions implemented by FRESHEXPO experts please visit our web-site page portfolio.