Exhibition Stand Cases

Participating in an exhibition is one of the most effective tools to promote goods and services. There are numbers of variations of stand with a custom purpose and goal. The more interesting a design the easier to attract and get maximum feedback from participation in an event.

An exhibition stand shall perform the following tasks:

  • Good presentation of the goods and services;
  • Corporate identity reflection;
  • Target market’s attention attraction;
  • Communication comfort in meeting areas;
  • Proper company and its business information presentation.

In order to achieve full functionality, a design that may be of different types, shapes and dimensions shall be thought out at the very beginning.

The types of exhibition stands are as follows:

  • Standard, it is good for a tight budget and built up from typical construction set using metal bars and wall panels.
  • One-of-a-kind options, it is developed on a case-by-case basis for each customer including its expectations, location in exhibition facility and customer’s challenges. Nonstandard materials, unconventional design and engineering solutions are applied when developing a custom project. One-of-a-kind stands allows for attracting maximum attention of visitors and participants, arrange the space ergonomically without extra cost for advertising, for example double decker exhibition stands.


  • Mobile, it is easy to assemble and transport. Its pros are short production time and low cost of a project. It can be banner, roller type, linear, L-shaped and 3D.
  • RollUp it is small light structure using hard-wearing roller mechanism. It is often used in short-term public events and promotions. Advertising curtain is fixed using vertical poles and special pads that makes the structure stable enough.

vist.jpg     vistavochnij-stend-30.jpg

  • PopUp – it is 3D advertising structure consisting of foldable base, it is easy and quick to install with to options of banner fixing: velcro facteners or magnetic tape. 

PopUp Exhibition Stand Cases


  • FoldUp. It is a structure consisting of several board type panels interconnected by special hinge joints for easy transformation. It looks like a folding screen that is why it can be used as a guard or partition.

The key aspects as occupied area size and approximate number of visitors shall be assumed when choosing the configuration of future exposition stand.

The exhibition stands can also be of different types from the spacing perspective as follows:

  • Linear. It is front side open structure installed in standard line.


  • L-shaped. It is an exhibition stand with two open sides functioning for two passages.

L-shaped exhibition stand cases:



  • Peninsula. It has three sides access to the exhibit providing with good observation of all the staff located within the site area. It is ideal to demonstrate large equipment and to perform presentations and demo shows.

Peninsula exhibition stand cases:



  • Island. It is open from all sides. The core element is located in the center of the structure and enables to control everything that happens on the site and govern a situation in time.

Island exhibition stand cases:



  • Open-type. Due to a one or several passages it provides with good observations of the exhibit and large influx of visitors.


  • Vis-a-vis. It is two independent exhibits face-to-face located facing to the same passage.
  • Multi-level. Double-decker exhibition stands allows to expand the area significantly and catch an interest by unusual design. 


An exhibition stand has several areas from space designation perspective as follows:

  • Information area – where a visitor meets and knows the participating company business and promotional prints (leaflet, brochure, business cards).

vystavochnyj_stend_93.jpg     vystavochnyj_stend_298.jpg

  • Presentation area. It is a special located for demonstration of the goods or services promoted.

vistavochnie-stendi-61.jpg      vistavochnij-stend-73.jpg

vistavochnij-stend-860.jpg   biot2013_01.jpg

  • Interactive area. There are touch screens, tablets, demo videos of the product on show, tables and visitor’s area with device charging opportunity provided.

vystovochnyj_stend_98.jpg  vystovochnyj_stend_2014.jpg

vistavochnij-stend-99.jpg   vistavochnij-stend-149.jpg

  • Conference area. It is a spacing where meetings are hold and contracts with prospecting partners and clients are signed.

vistavochnij-stend-899.jpg   vistavochnij-stend-189.jpg

  • Bar counter. It sets for trustworthy talks at cup of coffee. Light or full catering is a perfect supplement and a place of comfort at the exhibition site.

Cases of the exhibition stands with bar counter and tiny kitchen:

 IMG-20190214-WA0047.jpg        vistavochnij-stend-16.jpg

vistavochnij-stend-98.jpg   ngsms_tek_russia2012_01.jpg

  • Staff area. Utility rooms for staff used to store information leaflets, top clothes, food, and stationery.

vistavochnij-stend-789.jpg     vystavochnyj_stend_prodexpo_2018_vici_10.jpg

In order to make everything to a good quality the materials shall be carefully chosen and all stages of production of a structure, promotional prints and utilities to connect electric equipment shall be under attention.

When creating an exhibition stand different materials can be used such as: solid wood, laminated chip board, plastics, plexiglas, natural or artificial stone, chrome plated tubes and plates, vinyl films, high quality leather substitutes and other materials.

Our experts have long experience in constructing exhibition stands of different configurations and help you gain maximum success from participation in an event. We always follow the market development, analyze the new trends and work with any materials that enables us to create bright, expressive and unique projects helping develop our clients’ business.

To see the projects made by FRESHEXPO and cases of the exhibition stands of different area, in different countries and from various industry sectors please visit our portfolio.