FRESHEXPO specialists recommend supplementing promotional printing services for the exhibition (booklets, leaflets, brochures, business cards) with corporate gifts, business promotional items, and tradeshow gifts to create a long lasting impression for your guests, clients, and partners.

Promotional merchandize — there is no more effective way to get into your prospective customers’ heads at a busy exhibition where there are lots of competitors. Along with some important information that your visitors can use later, give them a practical advertising specialty item which they can use every day — a ballpoint pen with your logo, a handy bag, a nice key ring, etc.

  • Promotion
  • Apparel
  • Flash Drives
  • Package

Promotional products at the exhibitions

Promotional products for trade shows:

  • Pens;
  • Apparel: caps and hats, polo shirts, jackets, button down shirts, T-shirts, scarves;
  • Umbrellas, which are especially timely during the autumn-winter season;
  • Dishware: mugs and drinkware with mats, kitchen items, cutlery;
  • Business essentials: daily planners and personal organizers, calendars, business card holders, etc.;
  • Greeting cards for special occasions, invitations, plaques, awards and recognition items;
  • Promo gifts: badges, magnets, stickers, flags, banners, feather flags, photo frames, etc.;
  • Clocks: desktop, wall, watches;
  • Things: keytags, lighters;
  • Bags and accessories: travel bags, briefcases, backpacks, wallets;
  • Computer accessories: USB flash drives and gadgets, cell-phone charges, mouses and mouse pads;
  • Packaging: paper and plastic bags, gift wrap.

Promotional Apparel and ClothingPromotional clothing at the exhibition increases your brand recognition and awareness. When guests see you logo on the apparel, they immediately know who they can address with a question or request.

Promotional textile products (T-shirts, caps) are good for distributors of advertising materials, booklets, flyers, or corporate business cards at the entrance to the exhibition hall and in other popular areas, who invite visitors to the exhibition stand.
Elegant dresses, blouses, or skirts in corporate colors are a perfect choice for models to create a charming image.
For waiters and bartenders — a uniform with a logo.
For actors and entertainers — costumes styled for the necessary occasion or subject.
Sometimes it is enough to finish the outfit with just one bright and catchy detail (a scarf, headscarf, or a bandana) to attract more attention.
Nice textile promotional products (towels, cushions) are offered in a wide range at specialized design and fashion exhibitions.

Promo Flash Drives

USB memory sticks with your corporate logo are ideal as a business gift at the exhibition!

A quality promotional flash drive is an appealing advertising specialty that will be appreciated by all guests, including VIP partners.
FRESHEXPO managers will deliver your order on any type of USB sticks: metal or plastic, swivel or with a protective cap, with hanging ring, executed as keyring charm, in unusual form or construction.
On these memory sticks you can distribute your video presentation, product catalogue, coupons and special offers, or remind about your own events or in which you are planning to take part, etc.
You can also place some important information on the surface of flash drive. If it is flat, you can put there not only your logo, but almost a whole business card including your services and telephone numbers.

Promo Package at the Exhibition

Package is one of the most effective promotional gifts

People come to the exhibition expecting to get the necessary information and probably some product samples.
Give them all your promo materials in a bag with your logo and they will showcase your company both at the exhibition and outside, to all their friends, colleagues and everyone around (if the bag is delivered to the office or to the enterprise). That is viral advertizing, which might have a delayed, but rather valid effect.
Customized package increases trust to your brand. Your target audience recognizes it better and you get more response to your marketing events and special offers. At the exhibition, you can distribute testers and product samples in corporate package.
Present exclusive specialties to your VIP clients and partners in colorful boxes.
We will create a custom design of package based on your corporate style and personal preferences. You get high quality in short time and at good price!

How many advertizing specialties is enough for an exhibition?

Cheap promotional materials and advertising specialties with a corporate logo are usually ordered in bulk depending on the exhibition length and expected number of visitors. The goal here is to cover the largest possible audience at minimum cost. Since not all these people will be actually interested in your products or services, it is important to simply give them your contacts.

Business specialties are made in small lots or even in one exclusive piece for VIP clients and partners in order to emphasize their special status, to secure long-term cooperation or to commemorate some important event.

Your logos and brand symbols — on anything!

Any specific thing with your corporate logo applied on it can become an advertising item. Trust us, your creative approach to promotion will be immediately appreciated. Your visitors will take away such advertising novelties in no time — and will be showing it to all the people they know.

The method of logo application depends on material, kind of image, and personal preferences of the customer.

We use the following methods of logo application:

  • Pad printing (tampography) — on plastic, glass, metal and other surfaces;
  • Decal — on pottery with thermally stable paints;
  • Stamping — method of forming relief images;
  • Thermal transfer — on textile products, bags, and umbrellas. This method is good for small lots;
  • Laser engraving — on drinkware, USB flash drives, specialties of metal, wood, or glass;
  • Sublimation — on acrylic, nylon or polyester, preferably of white color (mugs, bags, bands);
  • Silkscreen — on textile products.

Exclusive gifts and VIP souvenirs

Exclusive gifts are usually presented to VIP clients or partners on formal occasions. However, they should demonstrate your taste in the choice of expensive things and your ingenious style. At the same time, such souvenirs must reflect unique traits of the recipient.