FRESHEXPO organizes corporate events of any scale, complexity, budget, and on every occasion — be it new product presentation, celebrating your company’s birthday, 8 March, 23 February, or corporate New Year festivity.

Fresh ideas, plentiful source of inspiration and a strong dedication help us create exceptional and unforgettable festivities! We organize events with a thought of you and your corporate style. We strive to understand your character and style in work to make your celebration as effective as they can be.

Experienced in organizing various events, our managers will answer any questions you might have. Get in touch with us on the telephone numbers stated in the Contacts section.

  • Services
  • Types of events
  • Decoration & style
  • Catering

FRESHEXPO provides a wide range of services for organizing corporate events:

  • Choice of theme;
  • Writing a scenario;
  • Selection of venue;
  • Choice of participants (showman and artists);
  • Composing menu;
  • Lighting and sound;
  • Decoration of the venue;
  • Visa support;
  • Booking plane and train tickets;
  • Hotel assignment;
  • Transport services;
  • Meeting on arrival and seeing off at the airport;
  • Excursion route planning.

  • Touristic — go sightseeing and visit attractions;
  • Exotic — learn about local customs and traditions;
  • Event-related — a trip to the concert or sports event (for sport fans);
  • Thematic — a fancy-dress party, styled dinner at the castle, etc.;
  • Corporate thematic quests;
  • Business trainings and games;
  • Active adventure tour — rafting, diving, safari, ropes course, adventure parks;
  • Corporate sport event — paintball, lasertag, bowling, riding tours, fishing, sailing and yachting, rock climbing, archery, hot-air balooning, flying on helicopters, etc.;
  • Gastronomic and culinary — tours with tasting sessions;
  • And many, many more!

Working on decoration for your corporate event FRESHEXPO specialists take into account the following:

  • Theme of the corporate event;
  • Your corporate image and style (respectable and exclusive, open and casual);
  • Your corporate colors and logo (we can choose all elements in your colors);
  • Venue (café, holiday village or open-air corporate event);
  • Peculiarities of the original interior design;
  • Customer’s preferences.

Decoration may include:
  • Decoration of the hall;
  • Fabrics and accessories (e. g., Christmas-tree decorations);
  • Balloons;
  • Fresh and dried flowers;
  • Preparation of the hall and banquet tables;
  • Holiday table layout (table cloths, candles, wine glasses);
  • Backgrounds for photo and video shooting;
  • Scene for the performance of artists or a showman;
  • Stage properties for contests, etc.

Catering services include:

  • Composing a menu based on national cuisines or individual preferences of each employee;
  • Selection and delivery of food products assortment;
  • Table setting and servicing;
  • Delivery of the necessary equipment, accessories, products to the venue;
  • If necessary, transfer for company employees;
  • Highly qualified bar tenders and waiters;
  • Cooking and cocktail master-classes;
  • Cleaning after the event.

Corporate events for team-building

The main goal of a corporate event is to create a warm internal climate and positive group atmosphere. That means your staff should feel relaxed. Such environment increases the effect of cooperation between your employees, which will surely produce a favorable effect on further work.

Corporate events for brand promotion

Corporate festive occasions can become a winning advertizing activity, if you choose the right way to cover them, for example, in social networks, especially if you have enough subscribers.
If your corporate event program helps to unveil your employees’ interests, hobbies and avocations, they might become more popular and closer to their colleagues in their own company and Partner organizations. Human relations are of paramount importance — they increase trust, and help to stand out among many similar companies.

Hire equipment for festive occasions

FRESHEXPO provides for hire and rental high-technology special-purpose audio, lighting and multimedia equipment for public events and festivities with advanced requirements to the quality of video and sound.
We offer:

  • Equipment for the speaker: microphone, headset, stand;
  • Stage, raised floor, elevator;
  • Presentation equipment (projector and screen);
  • Video equipment;
  • Audio equipment;
  • Mixing consoles and DJ boards;
  • Guitar and bass amplifiers;
  • Professional lighting equipment (concert and disco lighting, lighting for catwalks, interior and architectural facade lighting);
  • Uplighting setups — for highlighting walls, ceilings, tables, backdrops, and other areas in the room;
  • Smoke machines, including colored smoke machines;
  • Stage fountain, etc.

Cost of service

The cost of your order for corporate event organization can be calculated only after working out the details: how many people are invited, the selected venue, whether you need transfer or tickets to get to the place, the kind of entertainment program, whether you want to hire equipment, and the menu you choose.
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