FRESHEXPO offers unique design solutions for both open-space offices, where all employees work in one big room, and for cabinet-type offices, where employees are separated by departments.
Office is a business card of a company for its Clients and potential Partners. Your corporate style elements (logo, slogan, brand colors) used to the best effect in your interior will highlight your attention to corporate culture and service standards.
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  • Reception
  • Work Places
  • Negotiation Room
  • Executive office

Reception zone
This public zone is the place of first contact with your Company and we all know that you can only make a first impression once. It is important to help your visitor find the people or information he needs in an efficient manner, and let him feel a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Reception desk is usually put in the most prominent place at the entrance. The reception desk or the wall immediately behind it should carry a large logo of your company. In case Client needs to wait for an employee, there should be comfortable sofas, armchairs, chairs, and a coffee table. The room should be light and rather spacious so that people coming in and out could move around freely.

Individual work places
The main requirement to this zone is that it should help your employees concentrate on their job. In both cabinet-type and open plan offices employees are grouped by departments for convenient cooperation while working on projects. It is important that your employees have an unobstructed view of the work space and a feeling that their back is covered. Large rooms can be zoned with furniture arrangement, transparent partition walls, interior landscaping, etc.
Recreation zone
Recreation mini-spaces are very convenient for exchanging information without disturbing other colleagues. Leading brands give much importance to this part of interior, because it is widely believed that a short relaxation can be a great way to re-energize and clear your mind before you go on with your work. If you work hard without breaks, then little-by-little your energy will inevitably fade away.

Negotiation spaces
Negotiation room is essential for any office. Meetings and negotiations with business Partners need a confidential environment. As a rule, negotiation rooms are furnished in classic business style, which is so motivating for work.

This zone reflects your status. It is usually decorated in classic business style, though it might also show personal preferences and hobbies of the CEO. Looking for the right design solution for your cabinet we go for modern design trends and technical innovations.

Interior landscaping and eco-style for your office

FRESHEXPO offers professional offices interior landscaping services.
Interior landscaping is a popular kind of interior and outdoor design for both open-space offices, where all employees work in one big room, and for chamber-type offices, where employees are separated by departments. Plant fences might be the perfect solution to softly zone your space.
Our designers and landscapers create entire indoor environments that reflect your general corporate style. They will choose flower compositions of such color shades and forms that will ideally blend into other elements of your brand!

Rental of office furniture and equipment

FRESHEXPO offers hire and rental of all necessary office furniture and equipment.
We constantly add new interesting items to our base. When you place your order, we choose variants depending on your brand style and corporate colors, your business targets and preferences for a particular event.
You can rent from us tables, reception desks, chairs, arm-chairs, sofas, cabinets, etc.
FRESHEXPO specialists are ready to provide any multimedia equipment that you might need for work —video panels, projectors, conference systems, etc.

Office interior design services by FRESHEXPO

  • General interior design concept development;
  • Office design project visualization and agreement by the Customer;
  • Calculation of all works and services;
  • Flooring preparation and covering;
  • Walls and partitions erection;
  • Highlighting for display-cases and exposition;
  • Artistic design;
  • Production and assembly of reception desk;
  • Production and assembly of raised floors for Customer’s products;
  • Furniture arrangement and interior decoration.