FRESHEXPO will organize incentive tours for your employees according to your company’s work style! As a few examples, it can be a trip abroad, active or calm rest, a relaxing or adventure tour, and many other variants — we will do our best to come up to your expectations!
You and your employees will cherish the memory of this travel for long!
Investment into incentive travel is sure to return as an increased income from your satisfied employees work — because motivated staff do their job better, faster, more efficiently and with higher quality!
There is no better way to really know a person than on a train. This makes incentive tours another way to help your employees get to know each other, and for Russian people interpersonal relations play a significant role. Incentive travel does not only boost your personnel motivation, but also gives them a feeling that they share in common cause. And so your staff will enjoy their job and people around them and work as a team with great progress!

  • Services
  • Tour Types
  • Interpreting Services
  • Insurance

To organize your incentive travel FRESHEXPO specialists:

  • Choose a few variants on your request;
  • Work out a tour program;
  • Rent all necessary equipment and outfit;
  • Select a conveniently located hotel at reasonable price;
  • Find the best flights and the most convenient transfer to the venue to be on time everywhere;
  • Book the agreed services;
  • Help to obtain visas and insurance for all participants;
  • If necessary we will accompany your group on the trip and coordinate all nuances right on place.

  • Touristic — go sightseeing and visit attractions;
  • Exotic — learn about local customs and traditions;
  • Event-related — a trip to the concert or sports event (for sport fans);
  • Thematic — a fancy-dress party, styled dinner at the castle, etc.;
  • Corporate thematic quests;
  • Business trainings and games;
  • Active adventure tour — rafting, diving, safari, ropes course, adventure parks;
  • Corporate sport event — paintball, lasertag, bowling, riding tours, fishing, sailing and yachting, rock climbing, archery, hot air ballooning, flying on helicopters, etc.;
  • Gastronomic and culinary — tours with tasting sessions;
  • And many, many more!

At FRESHEXPO you can order professional translation of texts on any subject for convenient work of your employees during business events abroad or for your foreign Partners.

We will provide the best specialists in written translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation with a lot of experience in various industries and fields of business.

To enjoy your trip to the maximum, it should also be safe.
When you order a tour at FRESHEXPO, our specialists will offer you a few insurance packages.
Depending on your country of destination and the insurance coverage, the service includes: urgent medical treatment and dental health service, medicines, patient transportation, using medical equipment for treatment, after-treatment and follow-up care, medical evacuation, early return to the country of departure in case of emergency, visit of a relative, luggage insurance, legal advice, support in case of identification documents loss or theft.
It is also wise to get an insurance when you are planning to go for active recreation, professional sport, or if you are planning this for your employees.

Incentive tours unite your staff

A company is as good as its employees. The work is properly done and gives good results only when your team is looking forward to coming to work every day and when they are striving to do their duties with the highest possible quality. It is very important to create such working environment that everyone would have a burning desire to come back again the next morning. Every employer has the staff he deserves, so you should always be attentive to each of them.
If your team has completed a large project, signed a valuable contract, and do their job professionally for the benefit of your organization exceeding not only performance standards, but even their own capabilities, you should never neglect this. If you do not give enough attention to their achievements, they might feel underappreciated and go to some other company.
Money is not the only way to stimulate and support your personnel. Incentive travel is a more powerful motivation tool than a cash bonus and it certainly occupies a specific niche in business travel.

Corporate trips to Moscow vicinity

Business vacations in Moscow vicinity have become very popular, because they are very easy to plan. Leaving on Friday night or Saturday morning — on Monday everyone will be on time for work fresh and full of new impressions!
Recreation on the landscape is good for health, and a well-developed infrastructure of holiday camps, health retreat centers, and resort centers around Moscow offers almost unlimited opportunities for all kinds of active leisure in any weather and every season.
There are so many exciting things to do and places to see: horse ride walks, fishing, barbeque, visits to mini-zoos and farms (ostriches, dear, husky), aqua-centers and bath-houses, bowling, fitness centers, sports equipment rent, hot air ballooning, flying on helicopters or planes.
FRESHEXPO specialists will choose the best variants of accommodation and prepare an engaging entertainment program for you — so you will never have a dull moment!
Contact us to organize and prepare fascinating New Year’s corporate parties in and around Moscow!

Corporate trips abroad

Corporate vacation abroad is a pleasant opportunity to change the scenery and if necessary mix business with pleasure — for example, trainings, career development courses, or negotiation with business partners.
Most hotels in countries popular among Russian tourists (Egypt, Turkey, Thailand) provide perfect service and have meeting rooms and conference halls equipped with professional video projectors, computers, etc.
You can invite your guests to continue informal communication by the sea or on an excursion to local attractions. Without fail, we will offer you corporate vacation ideas suited to every fancy — in summer, in winter, or in inter-season.
Choosing us, you can always count on reasonable prices and the highest level of service.