In terms of comprehensive approach to organizing Clients’ participation in industry trade shows and other events, FRESHEXPO — exhibition stand builder — offers standard dismountable constructions. They are good for small spaces at exhibitions, conferences and workshops. Such dismountable constructions are made of standard material with white panels. They are further furnished with equipment and designed in the style of a chosen set.

Furniture is provided according to standard exhibition stand packages.

Advantages: low cost, fast production, quick installation and dismounting
Despite the simplicity of standard exhibition stands, by expanding the wall height, using extra furniture and thoughtful graphic design your exposition will attract visitors’ attention and help you stand out on the background of many others.

  • Construction System
  • Furniture & Equipment
  • Extra Resources
  • Graphics

Octanorm Profiles For building standard exhibition stands FRESHEXPO uses Octanorm — the worlds’ market leader in exhibition stand construction systems

This German construction system includes special high-quality aluminium profiles. They are strong, reliable, and come with a rich set of elements, including glass and plastic. They are very easy to transport form one exhibition to another.

In the shortest time and with minimum labour input, our assembly workers will build an optimum exhibition stand configuration for your goals.

Strong and secure Octanorm corner joints allow to create not only model forms, but configurations of any size as well.

Standard FurnitureList of Standard Equipment

Wall elements: straight, vaulted, and with glass inserts;
Doors with locks, folding doors, swing doors;
Railing, blinds, shutters, ceiling grills, barriers
Chairs: made of plastic and leather substitute, chairs for meeting rooms, stools Tables: right-angled and round, display tables of standard construction units;
Single-seater armchairs, two-seater sofas of leather substitute;
Information desks, including counters with upper desk, radial and made of glass;
Showcases, including radial and made of glass, rectangular and curved, with in-built lighting systems;
Raised floors, platforms, and pedestals for large exhibits or presentations$
Shelves, racks, and cabinets;
Refrigerators, coffee-machines, coolers, kitchen sections, mirrors, lights, wastebaskets;
Rotating advertising cube or ellipse;
Plasma panel holders, etc.
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EquipmentAdditional equipment that you can order for exhibition

Telephone and Wi-Fi;
Tea and coffee sets;
Electric tea kettle;
Electric fan;
Your corporate flag in the hall;
Shelves, racks, leaflet holders and dispensers, etc.

High-quality Roll-up StandsFRESHEXPO specialists are ready to style your standard exhibition stand with graphics, posters, and banners.

We will create an individual corporate design for your company based on your preferences, goals, targets, and field of activity.

The right graphic design will make your standard exhibition stand engaging and attractive, while clearly reflecting the value that you have to offer.

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How much does a standard exhibition stand cost?

The cost can be calculated after agreeing the statement of works with the manager leading your project.

What is the difference between standard and exclusive exhibition stands?

An exclusive stand gives broad opportunities for presenting a Company at the exhibition. Our objective is to create a unique exhibition stand that meets your budget, exceeds your expectations and gives you return on your investment. Creative design ideas will make your stand catchy and engaging. Materials like fabric, stone, glass, wood, plastic, and metal, will add an effective and peculiar edge to your exposition.

Lighting is very important too. Light effects, built-in plasma displays, light boxes, hanging banners will make your exposition unusual, bright, and stylish. An exclusive stand allows to reflect your form of activity and individuality of your company, thus increasing the effect of exhibition.

Despite the construction complexity, our team works closely with you to help translate your requirements into a design that is stylish, functional, ergonomical, technically safe, and comfortable.

Why is it important to use quality graphics for the stand?

Professional and quality advertising graphics is number one tool for attracting Clients to products exhibited on a standard exhibition stand.

Put a large logo in the upper part of the construction, use all available surfaces to present your products and services.

Place a description of your products and services (better as a bulleted list of points) on the eye level in areas where the information will not be hidden by promotional personnel at the information desk.

Use hand-outs and multimedia to increase the effect of your advertising campaign.