FRESHEXPO specialists provide a complete range of services for organization of conferences and workshops in Russia or any other country of the world.
Conference is a type of event at which you can present a new product or introduce your company to foreign Partners, discuss short- and long-term plans, present results, discuss problems and work out solutions together.

At workshops participants get new useful information for their businesses, exchange experience, share their ideas, and strengthen partner relations between companies. This has a great impact on company productivity. A workshop can help you find new ways for development, understand how other companies work and use this knowledge in your own activities.

  • Services
  • Program
  • Multimedia
  • Catering

FRESHEXPO provides a wide range of services for organizing business events. We are ready to:

  • Find the right premises according to conference goals and the stated number of participants;
  • Hire a conference hall for the dates requested by Customer;
  • Contact industry experts and invite them to speak at the event;
  • Make up a conference program and schedule of speakers;
  • Provide all necessary equipment and conference systems for the event and maintain them throughout the conference;
  • Brighten the conference hall with flowers and other decorations;
  • Compose a menu for standing buffet during breaks;
  • Find hotels with convenient location;
  • Book tickets;
  • Help to obtain visas;
  • Provide translation and interpreting services;
  • Prepare an entertainment program.

When FRESHEXPO gets a Client’s request for organizing an industry conference, workshop, or training, our specialists will ask a few elaborative questions to clarify your expectations and make the event effective.

  • Subject of the event. Why do you think the issues on agenda will be interesting, timely and urgent? If your conference takes place during the exhibition, then how are these issues aligned with the main subject? Does it offer innovation solutions?
  • Is your conference addressed to general public, or only to industry specialists?
  • Do we need to look for speakers or will the Client invite specialists himself?
  • Are there presentation materials available, or are we supposed to prepare them?
  • Are you planning an award ceremony, competitions among conference attendees, practical master-classes?
  • Approximate budget.

Your event manager will make sure the event goes smoothly, guarantee presence of all stated speakers, attract enough servicing staff (technicians for servicing software and hardware, waiters for banquets, etc.) and will do his best to solve any issues that might occur during the event in the shortest possible time.

Multimedia Systems Hire What multimedia systems for an exhibition or conference are available for hire and rental?

  • HD LED screens;
  • Interactive LED floor panels;
  • Multi-screen LCD and LED seamless video walls;
  • Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp LED panels: 32", 42”, 50”, 60”, 65”, 80”;
  • Professional screen projection units;
  • Touch screen panels: from 22” to 55”;
  • Self-service information terminals;
  • Professional audio equipment;
  • Professional lighting equipment;
  • Video cameras and video control systems;
  • Videoconferencing;
  • Conference systems.
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Catering for Trade Shows and ExhibitionsCatering services include:

  • Composing a menu based on national cuisines or individual preferences of each employee;
  • Selection and delivery of food products assortment;
  • Table setting and servicing;
  • Delivery of the necessary equipment, accessories, products to the venue;
  • If necessary, transfer for company employees;
  • Highly qualified bar tenders and waiters;
  • Cooking and cocktail master-classes;
  • Cleaning after the event.
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Venue rental

FRESHEXPO specialists will choose and hire a venue for any planned number of guests for the dates of your event.
When choosing the right premises, we consider the following important parameters:

  • Convenient location, so that all invitees could arrive on time for the beginning of the event and get home without any problems;
  • Stylish modern interior design;
  • High quality equipment (audio, video, for presentations, etc.);
  • Sound insulation;
  • Quality of illumination and sufficient scene coverage from all places in the audience hall;
  • Comfortable furniture;
  • Lounge zone and a space for coffee-breaks or a cafe with tasty hot meals within walking distance from the venue;
  • Heating during winter season, etc.;
Choose us to organize your business event at an international exhibition and for other corporate objectives!

Media relations, advertisement and promotion

An essential component to success is good media coverage for your event. Even if it is intended only for specialists, you can make public its results or name contest winners.

Promotional campaign can include direct mail, contextual advertising on the pages of websites, print advertizing, and if your budget allows — outdoor position media and transportation advertizing, or promotion in other mass gathering places.

Advertizing production
Within the shortest timeframes, we will produce for your company presentation slides, advertizing bills, leaflets, banners, posters, badges for employees, and other advertizing materials.

In addition to printed materials, we also recommend to order corporate advertizing specialties, which you can use as handouts. You will get remembered by your prospective clients, if they carry away not only some information, which they can use later, but also a practical accessory that can be used every day — a pen with your logo, a handy bag, a funny key-chain, etc.

Hotel Assignment and Transfer to event Venue for Participants

If your event is going to take place outside the city, it is important to think about accommodation of your guests.

Depending on the budget, you can invite them to an upmarket or reasonably priced hotel, a large recreation and retreat center, or a small private hotel.

We will formulate a proposal for accommodating your guests within a walking distance from the venue.
You may also choose a hotel yourself through our partner — an international online accommodation booking system.

Interpreting Services

At FRESHEXPO you can order professional translation of texts on any subject for convenient work of your employees during business events abroad or for your foreign Partners.

We will provide the best specialists in written translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation with a lot of experience in various industries and fields of business.