In terms of comprehensive approach to organizing Clients’ participation in industry trade shows and other events, FRESHEXPO — exhibition stand builder — offers cleaning services for exhibition stands during the event.

At an international exhibition each company applies every effort to attract attention of prospective clients and partners. And so, impeccable cleanliness becomes especially important for effective presentation of product samples, services and the stand of the company. Perfect order is the best practical proof and not just words, that all processes in the company are organized at the highest level.

Since exhibition programs are very eventful, it is important that the stand is kept spotless at all times and the cleaning works are conducted professionally and with high quality.

  • Cleaning
  • Moist mopping
  • No-moisture
  • Cleaning products

Exhibition Cleaning ServiceStandard cleaning services include:

  • Moist mopping of flooring (for laminate or tiled flooring);
  • Vacuum cleaning of carpet flooring;
  • And emptying waste paper baskets.

One-time services (at additional cost):
  • Trade show case window cleaning;
  • One-time cleaning service;
  • Removal of waste after live exhibit demonstration;
  • Removal of oversized waste, materials, and constructions.

Regular moist cleaning is necessary not only to keep the exhibition stand neat and tidy. It also kills bacteria, allergens and other harmful microorganisms that accumulate on surfaces in public places.

Surfaces to be cleaned include information desk counter, show case windows, exhibits, and flooring, if the construction has laminated or tiled flooring (for carpeted flooring vacuum cleaning is used).

No-moisture Cleaning ServiceFitted carpet is a sort of rolled material with short or multi-layer pile and repetitive pattern. It is used for covering floor on exhibition stands, decorating negotiation rooms and business event halls.

Fitted carpets create a warm feeling of comfort and coziness, but only if they are kept in perfect condition.
Carpets tend to attract dirt, dust, and stains rather quickly, and their surface wears off, too. Exhibitions only last a few days, but considering the number of visitors and various events on the exhibition stand, the speed of these processes increases, which calls for regular maintenance.

The choice of detergent or cleaner depends on the type of problem:

  • Dirt accumulation as a result of continuous use: dark traffic lanes, greasy surface, dull appearance;
  • Stains from color, greasy and thick liquids or pets;
  • Unprofessional cleaning marks: soap stains from household cleaning products.

For all sorts of cleaning works we use only up-to-date tools, equipment and high-quality certified cleaning products to remove any dirt or stain from any surface including show case windows, carpet flooring, etc.

All cleaning products gently clean the surface without damage and do not harm the environment.

Why do we need to hire professionals for cleaning our exhibition stand?

The art of creating cleanliness bears neither dilettantism nor negligence. Professionals approach their job with all thoroughness and without distracting their attention to other tasks. If you give your employees numerous, often contradicting tasks, then the quality of their work will become poorer. A model’s job is to charm and attract, give business cards and invite to the exhibits. A consultant-interpreter should concentrate on industrial terms. Distributors of advertizing materials might be standing at the entrance to the exhibition hall, and not by the stand.

If you want to highlight your company image, then cleanliness and order on the exhibition stand are the things you can never neglect. FRESHEXPO recommends getting professional cleaners for the exhibition, and not delegate this task to your employees.

Clean-up after construction and assembly works

Included on the exhibition stand construction price, additional order is not required.