FRESHEXPO offers a complete range of services for organizing and supporting foreign business travel to enterprises, plants, factories, and other sites for adopting the experience of foreign colleagues.

The decision to introduce innovative solutions often demands more than in-depth study of selected equipment samples on exhibition demonstration spaces. It also requires exploration of the whole production cycle on the manufacturing site.

Technical tours to enterprises are a highly effective type of business contact that is gaining popularity these days.

  • Services
  • Meetings
  • Entertainment program
  • Enterpreting

FRESHEXPO provides the following services for organizing business travel all over Russia and abroad:

  • Advise on the choice of plants, factories, and sites for organizing technical tours;
  • Select exhibitions, conferences and forums for your industry in order to boost the effect of your trip;
  • Compose your trip program;
  • Organize professional meetings and negotiations;
  • Organize cultural program;
  • Register your company at industry events;
  • FRESHEXPO specialist support you throughout the travel;
  • Book hotels and tickets;
  • Provide professional interpreters;
  • Make reservations at restaurants;
  • Organize transfers;
  • Visa support;
  • Provide insurance.

FRESHEXPO organizes business events:

  • Find the right premises according to conference goals and the stated number of participants;
  • Hire a conference hall for the dates requested by Customer;
  • Contact industry experts and invite them to speak at the event;
  • Make up a conference program and schedule of speakers;
  • Provide all necessary equipment and conference systems for the event and maintain them throughout the conference;
  • Brighten the conference hall with flowers and other decorations;
  • Compose a menu for standing buffet during breaks;
  • Find hotels with convenient location;
  • Book tickets;
  • Visa support;
  • Provide translation and interpreting services;
  • Prepare an entertainment program.

For our Clients we prepare exclusive, not standard routes and offer excursion programs for small groups of businessmen or individual trips for top managers and CEOs.
As a rule, industrially developed regions have many cultural destinations and attractions. FRESHEXPO specialists will offer you a selection of the best places of interest that you can visit during your free time. We will develop a route based on your negotiation schedule.
You can go to sport events or entertainment shows taking place on the days of your visit, see a show, go to a party, visit a museum, shop at famous trade centers, and spend time at skiing resorts or at the beach, if it is summer.
The service includes transfer along the route as well as interpreter and guide services.

At FRESHEXPO you can order professional translation of texts on any subject for convenient work of your employees during business events abroad or for your foreign Partners.

We will provide the best specialists in written translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation with a lot of experience in various industries and fields of business.

Trips to enterprises in Russia and the countries of CIS

A business tour to Moscow, capital of the Russian Federation, offers foreign investors broad opportunities for finding partners in any industry or field of activity.
Moscow is the most attractive point of presence for the majority of headquarters and principal business offices of the largest enterprises in our country. Here you will find representation offices of the world top brands, and their regional distributors that might help you spread your products in all other regions.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city, that once had been the capital for a few centuries, today is quicksteping to new peaks.
The city retains its distinctive character in everything. In Saint-Petersburg you will find over 700 large and medium enterprises in such industries as shipbuilding, mechanic engineering and metal-working, aviation, transport, electronics, etc.
A trip to Sochi will be especially interesting to businessmen during the days of large industrial forums, conferences, workshops, and meetings. Every year, Sochi hosts the International Investment Forum that is attended by officials and business representatives at the top level. Sochi has a well-developed infrastructure — here you will find smart upmarket hotels, high-tech business centers, modern congress halls, sport and entertainment centers, and tourist attractions.
Often referred to as capital of the Ural region, Yekaterinburg is one of Russia’s largest industrial centers with focus on mechanical engineering, instrument-making, heavy engineering, metallurgy, printing industry, food processing and consumer industry, as well as military industrial complex. Every year, Yekaterinburg hosts the International Industrial Trade Fair INNOPROM with a lot of success.
Novosibirsk is the centre of the Siberian federal district and also a large scientific and industrial center. Its leading industries are power engineering, gas-supply, water-supply, metallurgy, metal working, and machine building.
We also recommend visiting enterprises of Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, Perm, Volgograd, Voronezh, etc.
Contact our specialists to get some hints on the choice of enterprises of your industry in the cities of Russia or all over CIS!

Trips to European enterprises

Germany has the largest economy in Europe and one of the largest in the world (after USA, China, Japan and India).
The most developed industries are machine-building, electrotechnical engineering, chemical, car manufacturing and shipbuilding, coal-mining industry. Germany hosts many popular industrial exhibitions that are attended by the leading business representatives of the world. Business tour to Germany is one of the most effective ways to promote your business. To find new partners we recommend visiting Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hannover, and Stuttgart.
Great Britain is a leading center of world capital market dealing with the matters of attracting funds for development in various spheres.
France and Italy are famous in the world for their fashion houses. They also enjoy highly-developed agriculture, household appliances manufacturing, car-making and ship-building. France is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of chemical and petrochemical products.
Event and MICE industry are very strong in Europe — here you may find specialized exhibitions, forums, conferences and learn about the latest innovation solutions of the world’s leading trade marks. Tourism infrastructure is very well-developed in the region, so your trip will be not only effective for your business, but also a true pleasure.

Trips to enterprises in North and South America

USA enjoys the largest and the most diverse economy in the world, advanced science, high technology products, top-end goods and services. The largest transnational companies are all located here. Take a business tour to the USA and see the enterprises of car manufacturing, aerospace engineering, power engineering, transport industries, etc.

Brazil is the most industrially developed country in Latin America. A business tour to Brazil will help you find partners in agriculture, mining and manufacturing industry, and various sectors of service business.

Trips to enterprises in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa

Asia is the largest industrial region in the world with a booming domestic market and production facilities of the leading Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprises.
Business tours to China are one of the most popular business lines in the world. China is the largest producer of absolute majority of industrial products. China has a developed automotive manufacturing, cement production, building and construction, power engineering, food sector, pharmaceutical industry.
Local exhibitions amaze with their scale. Every year, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and many other cities hold specialized events on the space of over 100,000 sq. m.
FRESHEXPO specialists advise to combine exhibition tours to China with business trips to enterprises participating in this exhibition in order to check every aspect of your prospective partnership.
India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Major branches of industry: car-making, chemical and cement industry, consumer electronics, food processing, mechanical engineering, extraction of commercial minerals, oil production, pharmaceutical, metal-working and textile industries.
A trip to Japanese enterprises will open to you a totally different approach to conduct business that is typical only to Japanese managers. In Japan corporations manage to blend inherent traditions of centuries with the leading technologies.
FRESHEXPO specialists are ready to organize an exclusive trip over the leading enterprises in Asia to help you find partners in your particular industry.