BT SVAP LLC was established in 2007 as an enterprise specialized on concrete weight protective coatings as well as internal and external anticorrosion, polymeric and heat-insulating coatings applied on steel and polymeric pipes. This type of pipes is used for trunk oil and gas pipelines, water supply systems, product pipelines and sewage networks. The company also produces shaped parts for pipelines and metalwork for industrial and civil engineering.

BT SVAP LLC is a powerful industrial complex equipped with advanced technologies


SVAP about cooperation at KIOGE-2014 exhibition
On behalf of BT SVAP LLC, I would like to express our profound gratitude to FRESHEXPO team for the construction of our exhibition stand at the 22nd Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition KIOGE-2014, Almaty, Kazakhstan. During the preparation and realization of the project FRESHEXPO specialists showed high professionalism, responsibility and focus on customer. We wish your company prosperity and hope to work with you as partner in new projects.