Qualified staff will help you attract steady interest to your exposition at a large and noisy trade show, present a positive image of your organization and leave a long-lasting memory.

Bright and appealing smiles of happy beauties, delicious recipes from top-class chef or in-depth answers of an expert, who can explain to anybody in simple terms the most complicated things about the exhibits being demonstrated on the stand — trust us, all this effort will not be in vain.

When designing your bespoke exhibition stand, FRESHEXPO gives a thought to every event that is to take place on it to provide you with maximum comfort and effect. Send a request and we will offer you a few variants!

  • Staff Pool
  • Staff Skills
  • Staff Functions
  • Order Stages

Exhibition Staff

Exhibition and Conference Staff to Hire:

Promotional models;
Bartenders, waiters;
Distributors of advertizing and promotional materials (booklets, leaflets, catalogues) to work by the stand, at the entrance to the pavilion or to the exhibition centre;
Consultants to work on the exhibition stand;
Interpreters (you may state the desired field of specialization);
Costumed character puppets, entertainers;
Body-art artists and models;
Actors with show programs;
Showmen and presenters for competitions, master-classes, sampling, tasting, and other events.

Staff SkillsThe success of our personnel depends on an integral combination of such important qualities as:

Attractive appearance, positive attitude, alertness, readiness to help and find the best solution to every situation
Speed and efficiency! We will always be there in time!
Active approach, interpersonal skills. Our staff will find a way to attract guests’ attention to your exhibition stand and speak about your exhibits in an understandable and interesting way
Reliability and punctuality
Well-bred speech, ability to present information to various audiences at exhibitions on a range of subjects — from public entertaining events to specialized industrial events
Creative approach. You want a show? We are ready to provide entertainers, actors, musicians, etc.
Human resources are the essential condition for building a sustainable business reputation! Hospitality, kindness and warmth cost nothing and bad experiences leave a long memory.

We instruct all our staff for each exhibition or another event. We explain them their functions and obligations, which are:

  1. Study thoroughly the information about products or services they promote and learn about the company activities;
  2. Memorize the working hours of the exhibition, exhibition centre layout and the location of your company’s stand on it, as well as other essential locations;
  3. Choose appropriate clothes or wear the uniform provided by FRESHEXPO or the Customer;
  4. Encourage consumers to obtain information about or purchase products and services;
  5. Continuously control the remainder of hand-out materials or product samples according to the agreed plan.

  1. First, we accept your request. Our manager will provide you a technical assignment example, or you may present your own description of works.
  2. Then we execute turn-key projects: from designing and building exhibition stands to all related services — floral decoration, catering, etc. If you order from us one service, the manager should ask you if you are planning to order the other services from us as well — that will facilitate the delivery of materials. And for the part of a Customer, it would be wise to anticipate your exhibition needs in time.
  3. After that, we check the data and elaborate all the details. Every exhibition is different, and in some countries there may be certain special requirements or peculiarities in providing services. Contact us — and we will always help you sort things out.
  4. Next, we present variants and explain their advantages. We make a thorough description of each project we execute.
  5. We provide an exact calculation for your project including all our services.
  6. Finally, we draw up an order and control its execution by hired promotional staff.

Can we order corporate uniform and advertizing materials at FRESHEXPO?

Yes, of course. Tell your project manager about your expectations, the rest — is our job.

What kind of promotion will be most effective?

  • It is the kind that helps you stand out on the background of your competitors. If at an exhibition for food products every company offers product tasting, then very soon visitors will get tired of such promotion and it will not work any more. And so the answer to that question depends to a great extent on the kind of event, the venue where it takes place, and many other factors. It is also essential to know the peculiarities of the exhibition in question, the promotional activities used in previous years, and what has never been used. Please, note! If the event is held abroad, it is very important to take into account the traditions and legislature of the country. There is always a way to make your show interesting, regardful and politically correct to your audience.
  • It is the promotion that gives visual evidence of your product advantages. You have a top-of-the-art product or an exclusive service? Tell us about it and we will find the best way to bring this information through to the visitors.
  • It is the promotion that allows visitors to become part of the process. People remember best their personal impressions.
  • It is also an accessible and understandable promotion. Advertizing materials should answer the main question — why do I have to buy this product or service. A fascinating show is not enough, promotion must convince people. What does this imply? You should insert in your promotion an instructive thought as to what and when each person in particular should do with the received information. And to make sure everyone will remember your information, people should walk away from your stand with a booklet in hand, where he can find all the contacts and description of a particular event.