In terms of comprehensive approach to organizing Clients’ participation in industry trade shows and other events, FRESHEXPO company — exhibition stand builder — offers a wide range of printing services in short-run and long-run publications.
We execute both single and multiple orders. Contact our managers for cost calculation!
Information about advantages of your products should be properly and effectively presented to exhibition guests to make them your regular clients or reliable partners. Creative design of your promo materials attracts people and stays in their memory for a long time.
If your advertisement closely echoes your corporate style elements, then with time, it helps you build an image of your company — dynamically developing, keeping an eye on market trends, and able to introduce the keynote of new growth directions.

  • Promotianal Print
  • Booklets, Business Cards
  • Roll-up banners
  • Print

Printed Promotional Materials

Types of printed promotional materials for exhibition:

  • Navigation to your exhibition stand (pointers, arrows, flag staffs). Short, neat and bright notes in well thought out places will give a hint to anyone looking for your exhibition stand.
  • Hand-out (booklets, leaflets, business cards) is one of the most popular types of advertisement at exhibitions.
  • Stand decoration (banners, roll-up banner stands, signs and exhibit descriptions)
  • Stage decoration (according to the subject of presentations and speakers’ program)
  • Press wall is a setting behind the speakers used as an advertisement tool for photo and video shooting at press-conferences, round-table discussions and other public events. It is used for promoting event organizers and sponsors during photo and video shooting, because their logos are placed on the banner, a mountable-and-dismountable construction on metal frame.

FRESHEXPO specialists suggest completing your order for printed materials with corporate advertizing specialties, which you can also use as hand-out. Promotional merchandize — there is no more effective way to get into your prospective customers’ heads at a busy exhibition where there are lots of competitors. Along with some important information that your visitors can use later, give them a practical advertising specialty item which they can use every day — a ballpoint pen with your logo, a handy bag, a nice key ring, etc.

FRESHEXPO specialists suggest using different advertizing media at your exhibition stand in order to stay in your potential clients’ and business partners’ memory.
Business cards are printed on heavy paper and bear business information about a company or individual. A business card typically includes the company name (usually with a logo), contact information, and a short description of performed activities. Traditionally many cards were simple black text on white stock; today a professional business card will sometimes include one or more aspects of striking visual design. Business cards are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid. They are one of the most popular advertizing tools at exhibitions because of their low cost and high effectiveness.
Leaflet is black-and-white printed product, single- or double-sided, on less heavy paper, but of bigger size. On a leaflet there is enough space not only for contact information, but also to present the advantages of your offer compared to similar offers of your competitors, as well as describe promotions, sales, or events planned in the future, etc.
Flyer is a 210х99 mm leaflet
Booklet is a sheet of paper folded one or several times
Poster is a wide format printing product that is commonly used for decorating exhibition pavilions, demonstration grounds, etc.
Brochure is a multipage publication up to 48 pages in softcover.
Catalogue is a multipage publication with images and detailed information about products and services.
Self-adhesive vinyl (SAV) is one of the most affordable types of printed products, which allows to brand any item quickly and budget-friendly.
Calendars — pin-up, desk and pocket calendars.
Greeting cards for VIP guests sent out on special occasions.

Roll-up banner stands are popular mobile advertizing structures, stable and reliable, carrying information about your company and its central exhibits.

Roll-up stand consist of a frame with a banner pulled up on it on one or both sides (double-sided roll-up banner stand). Some models have adjustable height.
At FRESHEXPO you can order display image print and have it fit on the roll-up banner for your exhibition, conference, workshop, round-table discussion.
We will print your display images in color and deliver the finished construction on your site.
If you need to design printwork based on your brandbook, we will offer a few variants for you to choose from.

FRESHEXPO offers printing services for exhibitions and other events:

  • Offset printing (on offset press) is a commonly used printing technique where an inked image is transferred (or “offset”) from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to paper. The offset printing is a lithographic process. It allows to print images with any number of colors, however this labor-intensive process requires special training.
  • Digital printing is good for small and express orders. It allows to make a sample copy and check printing quality (this can not be done with offset printing).
  • Wide format printing is used for production of advertizing materials on paper, photographic paper, wall murals, canvas, banner fabric, banner mesh material, self-adhesive vinyl.
  • Cutting plotter for posters (vinyl graphics)
  • Floor marking and promotional stickers
  • Printing paintings on canvas
  • Printing on magnetic vinyl
  • Graphic design and preparation of layouts for print
  • Advertizing signs production and mounting
  • Illuminated signs and three-dimensional letters production and mounting
  • Light-boxes production and mounting
  • Turn-key advertizing solutions for events.

Exhibit description notes

Information availability is an important element of corporate image.
Even the most innovative product needs to be presented to visitors in an engaging way to interest them and demonstrate its advantages compared to your competitors. Exhibit description notes are not always given enough attention by trade show participants as a promotion tool. And that is very regretful, because visitors start familiarizing with the products on your stand exactly from these description notes.
Not only your exhibits, but also short descriptions to them should be placed in a prominent location.
FRESHEXPO specialists advise to have this kind of promo information printed on high-quality paper resistant to heavy wear. Colorful illustrations or small sketchy icons on exhibit description notes will help your visitors easily find their way in lots of other offers.

Advertizing effectiveness

Diversity — this is the main secret of success!
FRESHEXPO specialists observe the essential principles in printing design: unique distinctive image, purposeful and relevant information, expressiveness, reading ease, functionality, dynamism, artistic style.
Experiment! Surprise! Offer information to visitors in all formats! People differ by the leading type of perceiving information — some need facts and numbers, some want bright pictures, and some will go for detailed facts. By choosing only one way of presenting your information you are risking to neglect a whole segment of your audience.
Large colorful posters in high-quality print are a good way to attract clients to your exhibition stand. However in the fuss of many other offers this information might get forgotten. And so, a more reliable effect might be achieved with cost-efficient hand-out materials (booklets, flyers) giving the same information — that is not to mention advertizing specialties, which can be used for a long time after the exhibition. The more types of advertizing you use, the higher will be the return on your investment.
Exclusive offers, personal discounts, limited time offers and sales attract everyone’s attention and urge to take decision right on spot without delay.