In terms of comprehensive approach to organizing Clients’ participation in industry trade shows and other events, FRESHEXPO — exhibition stand builder — offers hire and rental of a comprehensive range of professional illumination, video and audio equipment for exhibitions, conferences, workshops, banquets, entertainment programs, shows and other events, both indoor and open-air.

The delivery, installation, connection, adjustment, tuning and maintenance of all equipment on the agreed dates — are included in the cost of service.

We work throughout the territory of Russia, near abroad, Europe, Asia, North and South Americas, etc.

  • Video Panels
  • Touch Screen Displays
  • Sound Systems
  • Conference Systems

Multimedia Systems Hire

What multimedia systems for an exhibition or conference are available for hire and rental?

  • HD LED screens;
  • Interactive LED floor panels;
  • Multi-screen LCD and LED seamless video walls;
  • Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp LED panels: 32", 42”, 50”, 60”, 65”, 80”;
  • Professional screen projection units;
  • Touch screen panels: from 22” to 55”;
  • Self-service information terminals;
  • Professional audio equipment;
  • Professional lighting equipment;
  • Video cameras and video control systems;
  • Videoconferencing;
  • Conference systems.

Touch-screen Solutions for Tradeshow

Touch screens and other interactive solutions (tables, information terminals, announcement boards) are an effective hi-tech way to present your product at the exhibition!

With these displays, visitors can find out information about location of different companies on the exhibition hall plan, learn about events on the program, check expositions of every participant and choose the most interesting innovative solutions to focus on.

Self-service information terminals are used by both organizers and exhibition participants to announce their promotional events and special offers. Touch screen displays and blackboards are especially useful in negotiation rooms during meetings with your prospective partners.
At public events, hi-tech solutions are a perfect way to bring your information to every visitor.

FRESHEXPO will provide a professional audio system set that will ensure high quality sound according to your exhibition needs.

The sound should not be too shrill, however it is important that your announcements can be heard well enough in every part of the hall.
Sound systems are used not only at festive occasions, such as award ceremonies during exhibitions, but also for industry conferences, workshops, training sessions, etc.
We will choose the right sound system for you, deliver it, lay cables, install the equipment, commission it and control the system during the whole time of your event.

Conference Systems for an ExhibitionConference system is a complex of audio and video equipment for conducting conferences, congresses, conventions, auditions, forums and other business events.

Conference system includes:

  • Central control uni;
  • Discussion terminals (these are placed on every participant’s desktop, including the chairperson);
  • Audience response and voting systems;
  • Automatic systems for various processes;
  • Interface devices for wired and wireless data communication;
  • Various components and accessories (cords, wires, connectors, terminals, etc.).

Exclusive Corporate Video Presentations by FRESHEXPO company

FRESHEXPO specialists are ready to make a professional video presentation for your company in any format and style. We are experienced in producing visual content for varied audiences at exhibitions and other events on business program — conferences, master-classes, workshops, etc.
At the exhibition, visitors switch attention from one interesting exposition to another very quickly. And so, it is essential to give a convincing and eloquent visual presentation of your innovative solutions advantages in the blink of an eye. This is a mission critical task, and to a large extent it determines the effect of participation in international exhibitions, especially outside Russia.
The main stages of making a video presentation: developing a creative conception, writing a script, choosing material (videos, graphs, diagrams, tables), splitting into scenes, scene selection according to the plan, editing video material, dubbing.
Get in touch with our specialists!

Robots at exhibitions

Hire a Robot for an ExhibitionHow about hiring a robot for an exhibition?

At any event, robots momentarily rivet everybody’s eyes. You can be absolutely sure that most exhibition visitors will come up to your stand and familiarize themselves with the information saved in the robot’s memory.
You can hire from FRESHEXPO any of the following: robot Titan, interactive life sized humanoid robot Thespian, three-meter tall Robotron, transformer robot, service robots, smart robotic puppy Genibo, various vacuum cleaning robots and many more!
An example from our PORTFOLIO: Robot Thespian on our Client’s exhibition stand (at TransRussia-2015)
Our team will help you choose the right model of robot according to your advertizing goals. Robots come in all sizes — big and small. Almost all of them can move along the selected route. Some can even interact with visitors and guests causing genuine delight — which guarantees lots and lots of pictures and videos spread in social networks among your potential customers.
If you want your exposition captured on video from air (especially if you are demonstrating large equipment in the open-air space), you might wish to hire from FRESHEXPO a multicopter with a camera operated by an experienced professional.

Festive Occasions Equipment

FRESHEXPO provides for hire and rental high-technology special-purpose audio, lighting and multimedia equipment for public events and festivities with advanced requirements to the quality of video and sound.
Get in touch — and our professionals will select a set of equipment to fit your business targets.

We offer:

  • Equipment for the speaker: microphone, headset, stand;
  • Stage, raised floor, elevator;
  • Presentation equipment (projector and screen);
  • Video equipment;
  • Audio equipment;
  • Mixing consoles and DJ boards;
  • Guitar and bass amplifiers;
  • Professional lighting equipment (concert and disco lighting, lighting for catwalks, interior and architectural facade lighting);
  • Uplighting setups — for highlighting walls, ceilings, tables, backdrops, and other areas in the room;
  • Smoke machines, including colored smoke machines;
  • Stage fountain, etc.

Special order: interactive maps, installations, 3D-models

Modern interactive solutions for business — that is innovation in action!

Can there be any better way to showcase an exclusive product? So that people understood its value, remembered it, loved it, and wanted to have it as soon as possible?
The answer to the question is — this offbeat creative task can easily be realized in many ways: a technical solution with detailed 3D visualization of the project, a touch screen map or rout on a spacious wall, demonstration of exhibit with first-hand immersive experience.
The largest international exhibitions differ from many others due to an especially thorough approach to quality of visual presentation of demonstrated exhibits, which, no doubt, tells upon the effect of such exhibitions and attracts visitors to the leading trade shows every year. 
We are open to any ideas you might come up with. And you may rest assured that you get an optimum solution at the best price.