FRESHEXPO company is ready to build a bespoke exhibition stand by an individual design project and flourish it with flowers and any other decorations of your choice.

Floral design for exhibition stands is one of important components in a corporate image. It is not only your rational arguments about business advantages that can do the trick and bring you new clients. Visitors want to feel the special atmosphere proving that they have made the best choice. The feeling of easy naturalness and effortlessness leads to many years of effective and fruitful cooperation.

Flowers make our life more beautiful and bring joy. Psychologists suggest that every flower has a subliminal message and a person can read it even in a professional floral composition with many different flowers.

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Flowers Design and Decoration

Floral design from FRESHEXPO:

  • Our specialists will be happy to meet your requirements and preferences in floral design;
  • They will take into account the exhibition stand zoning and its location in relation to other exhibitors;
  • We will locate floral compositions in the most convenient places for your personnel and guests;
  • We use high quality fresh and dried flowers for executing the agreed amount of works;
  • The tightest deadlines are no problem for us.

Sometimes, visitors spend the whole day at the exhibition centre and their time is mapped out to the last minute with important and fascinating events. And so it is essential not only to make your exhibition space cozy and welcoming, but also to maintain your guests’ well-being. We do not use plants with pungent and strong odor that might cause allergies or those losing petals easily, thus destroying the whole composition.

Fresh cut flowers

Orchids, roses, cala lilies, tulips, irises, chrysanthemums, hyacinths, alstroemerias, strelitzias, heliconias, freesias, bouvardias, gerberas and many other kinds.

Dried flowers

If you do not want any complicated care about fresh flowers during the cold season, then you can go for dried flower arrangements made of plants that stay attractive when dried.
Dried flowers are a convenient and cost-effective way to raise your guests’ spirits.

  • Flower bouquet on the reception desk next to brochure dispenser;
  • Flower arrangement on the table in negotiation zone;
  • Along the exhibition stand perimeter near the main exposition points (in pots, vases, baskets, bottles, or on thematic red stands);
  • Flower figures and collages;
  • Built-in interior elements (garlands on the wall, bouquets below the reception desk, near aquatic compositions, pergolas and arches);
  • Flowers at lighting elements (the right light will give your floral arrangement the desirable effect and tone);
  • Flower accessories for your personnel (buttonhole flowers, hair decorations);
  • Flower specialties for your guests.

FRESHEXPO floral designers have an inexhaustible fantasy!
We will help you decorate any exhibition stand with flowers and flower arrangements.

Brand awareness, trust, affection, serenity, and desire to return again and again — all this can be achieved with the right choice of flower decorations. Human memory remembers the best any visual information, especially colors and the emotions a person feels when looking at something.
An exhibition stand can be decorated with flowers in any color shade you prefer. However, if you want to raise awareness of a new brand, then the best practice would be to order a flower composition in your corporate colors.
You have an unusual brand color or color combination? So much the better — the bouquet will only attract more attention as something unconventional and made with a lot of professionalism.
A flower composition in corporate colors will blend with the colors of your exhibition stand and your personnel uniform. It will guarantee that your company runs as securely and smoothly as clockwork.

Flowers for Creating Unforgettable Atmosphere and Style

Modern decorative materials and clever hands of a specialist allow to realize absolutely any idea.
Flowers have a reach creative potential for making a truly magnificent design.

Man’s choice, or how to choose flowers for a man?

Men can appreciate flowers and admire their beauty not less than women. However, they prefer more concise and simple compositions, rather austere, without superfluity of ornamentation. Flowers for a man must be expensive and composed with perfect taste.
Flowers for a man are a sign of his distinguished position. Exotic flowers or unusual compositions will only show your thorough attention to details, and highlight your equal care about your business partners.

Can we take flowers away after exhibition?

You can take away flowers only on prior agreement with your project manager.
Please, do not carry flowers away without notice and also do not let your visitors to the exhibition stand do it.