In terms of comprehensive approach to organizing Clients’ participation in industry trade shows and other events, FRESHEXPO — exhibition stand builder — also assists corporates that are participating in exhibitions in Russia and abroad in transporting their marketing material to the venue. We can deliver your cargo to any place in the CIS, Eastern and Western Europe, North and Central America, Middle and Far East.

Our specialists will choose the most reasonable route and convenient means of transport for your exhibition cargo. We will prepare all necessary documentation, take all customs formalities on ourselves, and deliver your cargo to the exhibition venue. We always do our best to optimize our Clients’ expenses with respect to all nuances of the order.

We continuously monitor the safety condition of your cargo throughout the whole route. A well-organized cargo transportation means that you can present your company at an exhibition with maximum effect and develop your business around the world.

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Exhibition Logistics

FRESHEXPO provides the following services:

  • Cargo dispatch and forwarding in Russia, CIS, Europe and far abroad;
  • Exhibition cargo transportation by any means of transport;
  • In-gauge and out-of-gauge heavy-load cargo transportation;
  • Exhibition cargo forwarding;
  • Tracking, transportation monitoring and cargo location control;
  • Customs clearance of exhibition cargo;
  • Secure cargo placement on various means of transport with proven assembly and fastening schemes using quality packing materials;
  • Delivery of exhibition cargo right on the stand, assembly and dismantle of the exhibition stand, storage during the trade show, provision of packing materials.

Exhibition LogisticsWe import and export exhibition equipment in different countries by all means of transport depending on our Client’s goals, terms and requests.


  • By road
    The main transport mode for exhibition cargo delivery;
  • By air
    For prompt cargo delivery at long distances all over the world;
  • By rail
    This mode of transport is especially convenient for oversized and over-tonnaged exhibits;
  • By sea and river
    For cargo delivery at long distances when there is enough time.

The cost of transportation depends directly upon load class and means of transport used for its delivery.

  • Standard cargo — consumer goods, some construction supplies that do not require special storage conditions, are transported in standard containers, box carriers, tank wagons, etc.
  • Over-dimensional cargo — wider or higher than prescribed limit cargo (e. g., construction machinery or agricultural equipment) is transported by low-boy trailers with ramp door. Extra long cargo (e. g., exhibits for Oil & Gas or Petrochemical exhibitions) is transported by extendible semitrailers.
  • Extra-heavy cargo — power generators and turbines for hydroelectric power stations, bridge bays and similar extra heavy loads. For delivering such cargo we use transport with extended side and front modules.
  • Perishable cargo — food products (milk, fish, oil, meat) are transported in specialized vans that maintain the necessary temperature: insulated, refrigerated, or heated vans.
  • Animal transportation — Cattle is transported in cattle trucks, poultry — in cages, fish — in water tanks.
  • Potentially hazardous cargo — In case of damage, such cargo can cause environment pollution or harm people. It is transported by special-purpose vehicles according to safety requirements.

  • Cargo transportation to exhibitions in Moscow and Russian regions (Saint-Petersburg, Sochi, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Volgograd, Omsk, Perm, etc.);
  • Cargo transportation to exhibitions in the countries of CIS (Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc.);
  • Cargo transportation to exhibitions in Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, etc.);
  • Cargo transportation to exhibitions in Middle East (Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc.);
  • Cargo transportation to exhibitions in Asia (China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.);
  • Cargo transportation to exhibitions in North and South America (USA, Canada, Brazil, etc.);
  • Cargo transportation to exhibitions in Africa (SAR, Egypt).

Cargo package types

Cargo safety during transportation depends to a large extent on the right choice of packing materials.

Pallet collar (Euro pallet collar) is a modern and highly efficient wooden packaging solution for compact, bulky or friable products of different types, that works together with the classic wooden pallet or various types of custom pallets. This durable wooden container allows to regulate height and can be additionally fixed with polypropylene tape. Such package is good for transporting electric products, home appliances, photo products, optic items, medical equipment, office machines, appliances, and equipment. However, it is not used for transportation by air.
Wooden frame is a firm timber frame construction that is used for transporting out-of-gauge cargo, fragile goods and extra-sized items, e. g. dishware, ceramics, automobile spare parts and complex technical equipment. Not used for small freight. This package type increases transportation cost by approximately 25%.
Hard transportation cases are used for cargo that can not be packed in pallet collar and these also increase transportation cost by a quarter.
Bag with a sealing mark — small single-piece cargo in bulk (textile, clothes, printed goods, dunnage) can be packed in a bag to keep it clean and safe.
Bubble wrap is a pliable transparent plastic material commonly used for packing fragile items. Regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres (bubbles) provide cushioning for fragile items that need shock absorption or have cavities inside. Bubble wrap is fixed on the protected item with adhesive tape, and a sealing mark guarantees safety. Bubble wrap can be used as an independent package type, or in combination with others.
Cardboard boxes are primarily used for packaging small goods and materials under 35 kg (toys, medical equipment, dishware).

Cargo insurance

Types of cargo insurance

  • One time insurance policy;
  • Cargo insurance contract for regular routes — executed for cutting document flow costs;
What can be insured?
  • Cargo transported by any means of transport from anywhere to any place in the world;
  • Expenses for cargo transportation to the destination point;
  • Expected income to the value of up to 10% of total cargo insured value.

Depending on the insurance coverage amount, the sum insured is paid out if the cargo is damaged or lost as a result of accident, perils of carriage, theft, armed assault, war and strike risks, etc.

Cost of delivery and transportation by FRESHEXPO company

The cost of transporting your cargo to the exhibition venue in Russia or abroad can be calculated based on the delivery terms, country and city of departure, total weight and volume of exhibits, cargo class (standard or out-of-gauge), type of package and additional services (i. e. cargo delivery to the exhibition venue and stand installation).

Get in touch with FRESHEXPO — and we will calculate the exact cost of your order.