In terms of comprehensive approach to organizing Clients’ participation in industry trade shows and other events, FRESHEXPO — exhibition stand builder — offers all necessary furniture and equipment hire and rental for your exhibition stand at trade shows in Russia and abroad.

We constantly add new interesting items to our base.
When you place your order, we choose variants depending on your brand style and corporate colors, targets set for exhibition and Customer preferences for a particular event.

  • Furniture
  • LED Furniture
  • Showcases
  • Home Appliances

Furniture Hire Furniture and equipment hire for exhibitions and events in Russia and abroad:

  • Sofas;
  • Armchairs;
  • Stools;
  • Soft-seating, poufs and frameless furniture;
  • Chairs;
  • Metal frame chairs;
  • Folding chairs;
  • Stools;
  • Tables of any size;
  • Glass tables;
  • Low coffee tables;
  • High bar tables;
  • Furniture covering: chair covers, stool covers, table-cloths, and buffet table cloths.

LED Furniture HireAdd a spicy note to your exhibition stand — use LED illuminated furniture, a catchy and stylish design element.
LED tables, cabinets, spheres, columns, cubes, and standing bar tables create a fascinating effect. It feels like you suddenly got into fairyland.

The construction is absolutely safe — a very low-voltage power supply is sufficient for LED illumination. Brightness is adjustable.
The charge of built-in accumulators will be enough for continuous illumination throughout the exhibition.
LED illuminated furniture is ideal for events because it is wireless — meaning no cords to trip over and it can be easily positioned without having to attach to the power mains. Put it anywhere you want it and move it around whenever you need.
LED furniture can be used in both indoor exhibition pavilions and at open air expositions.

Exhibition stands with LED furniture by FRESHEXPO:

Exhibition ShowcasesDisplay showcases allow to present all exhibits to guests with maximum convenience and protect them from theft or damage.
Hiring glass showcases is an ideal solution for an exhibition. You do not have to buy display equipment, while it looks like new.

You can have a combination of showcases different in size or form. Your exhibits will be displayed at an exact angle you need depending on the exhibition stand plan and your advertizing goals. Illuminated showcases are also available.
Types of showcases:

  • Round glass display showcases;
  • Horizontal showcase tables;
  • Corner showcase cabinets;
  • Wall showcases;
  • Display cases;
  • Display refrigerators (for products), etc.

Catering equipment for Exhibitions and Trade shows

FRESHEXPO is ready to hire all necessary furniture and equipment to you for the time of exhibition:

  • Water coolers;
  • Refrigerators and compact mini refrigerators;
  • Coffee-machines;
  • Electric kettles;
  • Citrus squeezers, juicers and universal squeezers;
  • Microwave ovens;
  • Icemachines and many more.

Perfect condition

When you hire furniture and equipment for an exhibition from us, we provide either new items or those used for earlier events. Thanks to thorough maintenance and storage, our equipment looks like new. All constructions are clean, strong, and reliable.

The whole set of furniture for an exhibition stand is agreed upon in a separate document.

Bespoke VIP furniture

VIP FurnitureOrder a set of designer furniture for your exhibition stand. FRESHEXPO will choose samples of bespoke furniture articles in the right style for your stand (for instance, jungle or African safari style for a tour operator or travel company, British aristocracy style for a law firm, eco-style for an environmentally safe products supplier, an industrial loft for a printing house, etc).

We swiftly respond to any wishes of yours at all the stages of work on your bespoke exhibition stand furniture!

When ordering designer furniture for an exhibition, please, do not forget that it takes more time to find the right ready-made item or to produce it, and the expenses will increase, too.

Decorating and Accessories

Attention of visitors can be easily attracted to your exhibition stand with small decorative objects such as:

  • Vases and flowers;
  • Decorative boxes and baskets;
  • Statuettes;
  • Clock (grandfather clock, wall clock);
  • Paintings and pictures;
  • Decorative objects of wood, stone, glass;
  • Lighting, and many more;
We can also arrange large compositions for you:
  • Rock-garden
  • Fountains and waterfalls
Attention! Exhibitions are public events with masses of people visiting. It would be wise to take care of your bespoke accessories and not leave them unattended.
We recommend fixing the most valuable items to the main construction.

Exhibition Cargo Transportation

FRESHEXPO — exhibition stand builder — also assists corporates that are participating in exhibitions in Russia and abroad in transporting their marketing material to the venue. We can deliver your cargo to any place in the CIS, Eastern and Western Europe, North and Central America, Middle and Far East.

Our specialists will choose the most reasonable route and convenient means of transport for your exhibition cargo. We will prepare all necessary documentation, take all customs formalities on ourselves, and deliver your cargo to the exhibition venue. We always do our best to optimize our Clients’ expenses with respect to all nuances of the order.