Catering is the business of providing food service at a remote site or event. But it is more than just providing food and delivering it. It includes waiter service, table setting and decoration, pouring the drinks for guests, etc. Catering creates an experience that involves the senses.

FRESHEXPO provides a complete range of catering services at exhibitions, conferences and other business and private events in Russia and abroad.

  • Catering
  • Equipment
  • Waiters, Bar attendants
  • Master classes

Catering for Trade Shows and ExhibitionsCatering is an effective tool for promoting your company both among business partners and guests of an event.
No matter what kind of event you are preparing, it is important to show your commitment and care about invitees, creative approach and unique character of your brand. To stand out on the background of competition — make your guests remember you for the special atmosphere of warmth, friendliness and care.
Kinds of events: banquet, party, stand-up party, buffet lunch, cocktail, barbecue, coffee break.

On the exhibition opening and closing, as well as on the days of large conferences or presentations of new products and services you can give a stand-up party with a rich assortment of light snacks or a grand banquet.
A thoughtful and considerate organizer will make sure to order an adequate set lunch with hot dishes for his personnel right on the exhibition stand.

The cost of service depends on the meals you order, number of people, cost of service per person, and hall decoration expenses.

Catering equipment for Exhibitions and Trade showsCatering equipment for Exhibitions and Trade shows

Coffee machines;
Electric kettles;
Bar refrigerators;
Glasses and tea sets;
Fruit and vegetable juice squeezers;
Ice-cream freezers;
Yogurt makers;
Waffle makers;
Barbecue grills and accessories, if the exhibition stand is in the open air;
Slicers, vacuum sealers, etc.

Закажите официанта на выставкуWaiters to work with guests at the exhibition stand or at the counter;
Waiters for a banquet, stand-up party, cocktail party;
Waiters for a coffee-break during conferences, workshops and other business events;
Waiters for presentation;
Waiters for a picnic, barbecue in the open air;
Model waiters.

Responsible and efficient, smiling and positive — our waiters will manage quite nicely and impeccably any work you need to be done. Not a single guest will be left unattended.

They will present and offer drinks and delicious snacks right on time and keep all dirty dishes away from the exhibition stand.

Закажите кейтеринг на выставкуBring a fascinating show with professional bar attendants to your exhibition stand, if you want to add an exclusive turn to your presentation!
You can have one or two barmen performing for your guests. They can make ice-cream, cocktails or berry, chocolate and other deserts. You can have them give master-classes and interactive programs for guests; juggle bottles, shakers and other items, etc.

Catering master classes for youCooking master classes and chefs creating delicious miracles right on exhibition stands are very popular among guests at any exhibition, not only on those devoted to food. You can style these dishes for any subject — from transport to power industry. Multi-layer cakes and tiny, but so tempting delights, sandwiches in different shapes and intricate savoury compositions with a logo or slogan of your company — anything for you!

If you produce or sell food stuffs, kitchen utensils, dishware, kitchen or domestic equipment, then cooking dishes ‘live’ and, more importantly, the mouth-watering smell of the result can be the best evidence of your product advantages.
Human memory is an amazing thing! We never forget what we personally experienced, or took part in, or what we learnt through our senses — saw, heard, smelled, tasted, or made with our own hands.

A good chef, like a magician, can create a show for any audience! Such events are never boring!

Event venue decoration

  1. Overall decoration of pavilions, halls, reception rooms, tents — both inside and outside;
  2. Furniture covering (chair covers, table-cloths, napkins);
  3. Decoration with balloons, garlands, bows, fabrics, sculptures;
  4. Phyto and floral design — decoration with artificial and live plants and flowers;
  5. Draping interior elements that do not fit the general design idea (beams, ceiling, columns, etc.);
  6. Other services according to Client’s wish.

VIP services

FRESHEXPO provides the widest range of exclusive catering services at the top level!

We offer:
  • A dedicated service manager who will organize and control your event in every detail
  • Highly-qualified personnel (speaking foreign languages and trained according to European service standards)
  • Thorough elaboration of the order
  • Elegant dishware, table textiles, interior decoration
  • Unconventional and exquisite menu based on the event conception

Ideas for VIP catering:
  • A champagne tower or fountain for guests;
  • Decorative fruit compositions;
  • Invite a confectioner who will prepare pastry right before the eyes of exhibition visitors;
  • Chocolate fountain — a device for serving chocolate fondue. It has a crown at the top and stacked tiers over a basin at the bottom. The basin is heated to keep the chocolate in a liquid state so it can be pulled up to the top of the fountain. From there it flows over the tiers creating a chocolate waterfall. You can place cakes or fruit, like strawberries, or marshmallows to dip in the chocolate.

And so many more ideas!

Music and entertainment program with a showman and performers

FRESHEXPO will be delighted to help your company organize an exclusive event for a narrow circle or a grand celebration with a show program of your choice, showmen and performers on stage. On special order, we can arrange participation of stars and celebrities in your celebration.

There is so much for you to choose from: live music or a DJ show, dancing teams, magicians and clowns, gymnasts and living statues, fire and laser shows, fireworks, and much more.

You can order a unique performance for your exhibition presentation, private or corporate event.

Whatever event or idea, we offer creative individual approach to every Client.