FRESHEXPO company can organize your business trips and meetings all over Russia and abroad.
Our competent and skillful specialists will settle any unforeseen situations, solve any problems and answer any questions you might have.

Today, travelling for business has become an integral part of everyday work in corporate sphere. Organizing a business trip is a rather labor-intensive process. You have to consider many details and thoroughly work through all stages of the trip.
If a business manager goes into every practical arrangement and organizational issue, he might lose a lot of time and the effect of his trip will be lower than it could be. And so we are ready to take the whole process of organizing a business trip on ourselves and free your time for more important and global aims.

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  • Excursions

Trips to exhibition venues
Get in touch with our managers and we will offer you a selection of the best exhibitions for your industry in Russia, Europe, North and South America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa!
Workshops and conferences abroad
You need to visit your Partners’ event? Or organize your own workshop abroad? We will plan and provide for every detail of the trip: rent an appropriate space, hire the necessary equipment, work out speakers program, prepare visual aids and hand-out for participants.
Business trips for managers
We will organize your business trip with a detailed route and optimum time distribution. If needed, we will also provide an interpreter and guide.
Business visits to enterprises
This kind of trips to plants and factories is becoming more and more popular these days. Such business visits help entrepreneurs get to know their suppliers, thus protecting their companies from financial loss and product shrinkage. They can visit production spaces, check product quality, negotiate on supply terms, sign contracts and private individuals have an opportunity to make personal purchases.

FRESHEXPO offers the following range of services for business trip organization:

  1. Preparation of documents supporting your visa application;
  2. Booking plane or train tickets;
  3. Hotel assignment;
  4. Catering;
  5. Transport services;
  6. Meeting on arrival and seeing off at the airport;
  7. Interpreter and guide;
  8. Planning your excursion route.

At FRESHEXPO you can order professional translation of texts on any subject for convenient work of your employees during business events abroad or for your foreign Partners.

We will provide the best specialists in written translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation with a lot of experience in various industries and fields of business.

We prepare exclusive, and not standard, routes for our business tourists and offer excursion programs for individuals or small groups of entrepreneurs, managers, their families and friends.
As a rule, industrially developed regions have many cultural destinations and attractions. FRESHEXPO specialists will offer you a selection of the best destinations that you can visit during your free time. We will develop a route that takes into account your negotiation schedule.
You can go to sport events or entertainment shows taking place on the days of your visit, see a show, go to a party, visit a museum, shop at famous trade centers, and spend time at skiing resorts or at the beach, if it is summer.
The cost of service includes transfer along the route, as well as interpreter and guide services.