One-of-a-kind Exhibition Stands

Whatever goal you set when taking part in an exhibition, be it an increase in the number of customers and business profitability, a new product or service presentation, enhancing the positive image of a brand or expanding the geography of activities, the best solution to achieve these goals as efficiently as possible without financial and time losses is to use one-of-a-kind exhibition stand

Each unique exhibition stand is customized applying non-standard materials and original design. The creation of one-of-a-kind stand allows to tailor it taking into account all client wishes and fancies as regards the general concept, work area locations, etc., guiding a designer’s imagination in such a way as to achieve the ubmost goals the participation in an exhibition. 

The one-of-a-kind stand design is always unique emphasizing the high level of well-known brands, producing a favorable impression of start-uppers, facilitating ergonomic space arrangement to attract special attention of both the interested visitors and all the participants. 

The FRESHEXPO professionals have a wealth of experience of one-of-a-kind stand construction for major exhibition centers in Moscow (the Crocus Expo, Expocentre, VDNKh, etc.), as well as over Russia, former Soviet Union, Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

One-of-a-kind Exhibition Stand Benefits:

• Individual design to be created once in harmonic concordance with the subject matter of an event and is focused on your target audience.

The individual design most fully reveals the particularities and advantages of your business.

• Facility of utilizing nonconventional structures and materials, lighting, and decoration;

• Employing high-quality materials and advanced techniques;

• Promotion of a brand or product image through the implementation of a presentable project design.

Creating an Exclusive Exhibition Booth

In the process of creating an exclusive design, skilled competent specialists of our company are involved, who control each stage of the work.

To put a project into operation, what we need from you is a Specification. It is important to fill in the most detailed information about the company, its principles, and traditions, so that we may develop a perfect booth.

After technical specifications are received, a general concept is developed. The main idea is worked out after a detailed study of the brand and philosophy of the company, its products and target audience.

Designers develop the stand preliminary design to be approved and passed on further for calculations and amendments if required. After the detailed estimate is ready, the design is transferred for implementation and thorough preparation for installation. 

Only highly qualified installers are allowed to installation works, while building is performed in several stages requiring coordinated efforts and high qualification.

During all the exhibition days, our team is constantly in feedback touch with the customer to be ready to promptly solve all possible challenges. Through the entire exhibition period we provide all necessary additional services, and when the exhibition is over, we immediately start to take the structure down.

Please, apply for further details on a customized exhibition stand development, preparation, and construction.

The FRESHEXPO experts develop one-of-a-kind exhibition stands of any complexity immutably featuring choice quality. More than once, our creative ideas were positively estimated by the customers' top management, which is confirmed by letters of appreciation, while the high level of expositions was highly appreciated by both the stand service staff and other participants of exhibition events.