One-of-a-kind Exhibition Stands by FRESHEXPO

One-of-a-kind exhibition stands are custom developed projects made on by order basis for a certain exhibition event focusing on a certain target audience and having primary marketing goals (corporate image support, introduction of new product to the market, expansion of business contacts, increase sales, etc.).

FRESHEXPO has a long story in development of design projects and constructionof one-of-a-kind exhibition stands. We have a formed close designated team that is always in touch.

When coming to our company you will provide us with a filled form of the terms of reference , if you have already have one just send it to us by e-mail, if not, fill it on our web-site.

Based on your Terms of reference our designers will develop an individual design project of the exhibition stand, the one and only reflecting your requests and desires. In addition to the said action guide one-of-a-kind exhibition stand depends much on the budget and the site where it is going to be constructed (every exhibition center has its own technical requirements, limitations and possibilities). Our experts have a skill of optimum funds allocation for brand promotion. That is why we divide one-of-a-kind exhibition stands by several categories for your convenience.

Category 1: Economy

  • Small exhibition stand of different configuration;
  • Structure: construction kit with banner hanging or Maxima kit with windows and graphics on it;
  • Floor: flooring is industrial carpet, without a deck; communications are laid in cable ducts that consume the space on an exhibition stand and provide for inconvenience when walking on the area;
  • Lifting bar: no hanging elements;
  • Multi-media: if necessary;
  • information desk: to be covered with a film with full-color printing;
  • Furniture: standard;
  • Extra: interesting graphic solutions, 3D visualization on a banner are possible.

 Category 2: Economy +

  • One-of-a-kind exhibition stand of different configuration;
  • Structure: a body with hanging banner (full-color printing);
  • Floor: flooring is industrial carpet without a deck or partial deck in meeting area;
  • Lifting bar: simple hanging element with illumination;
  • Multi-media: if necessary;
  • Information desk: to be painted with glass desk top, or triplex glass lined reception desk, made of laminated chip board with full-color printing fining;
  • Furniture: standard;
  • Extra: illumination 3D logos, floor-standing vases, posts for products;
  • The Economy+ stand shows up among other exhibition stands and attracts attention.

Category 3: Business

  • One-of-a-kind exhibition stands of simple or a little more sophisticated forms;
  • Structure: can be composed of a combination of such materials as MDF, chipboard to be painted, a body to be hanged by banners, or laminated chipboard to be covered with coating;
  • Floor: a small deck and the flooring is industrial carpet;
  • Lifting bar: simple hanging element with bright illumination;
  • Multi-media: seamless screens or a video wall made of small led screens, TV panels;
  • Information desk: one-off reception and show windows for equipment demonstration;
  • Furniture: standard;
  • Extra: meeting area allocation by closed - VIP or semi-open; customized decoration with flowers.

Category 4: Premium

  • One-of-a-kind exhibition stands with single or double decks
  • Structure: MDF, chipboard to be painted, can be lined with unusual materials such as plastic, metal, laminated chipboard with wood texture;
  • Floor: high deck illuminated or lined; flooring is white laminated chipboard, plastic, laminated chipboard with wood texture;
  • Lifting bar: lifted as high as possible with 3D luminous logos and a great number of headlights to focus on the areas of the one-of-a-kind exhibition stand;
  • Multi-media: massive video surfaces made of LED screens with speakers for surround sound, TV plasma displays, touchscreens, multi-media projections of different complexity;
  • Information desk: reception made of MDF, chip boards to be painted, desk top is of glass on chrome-plated carrying pads, or a desk made of laminated chipboards. or lined with plastics with bright illumination and luminous 3D logo arrangement;
  • Furniture: premium class furniture;
  • Extra: arrangement of big 3D logos with bright backlit illumination; zonation: bar, meeting area, chill-out zone, kitchen, product, objects demonstration area; design decoration with flowers. 

Category 5: Premium+

  • One-of-a-kind exhibition stands with single or double decks of unusual form with customized design solution and subject specific;
  • Structure: paintless technologies can be fully applied - plastics, rustic laminated chipboard, various texture lined laminated chipboard, diversiform fabric-covered light structures;
  • Floor: high deck, of different level, flooring is of laminated chipboard of different texture, laminated plastics in some meeting areas with different cut-in luminous inserts in the floor;
  • Lifting bar: unusual, shaped using different structures including paintless ones with bright illumination of the bar itself and all areas of the on-of-a-kind exhibition stand;
  • Multi-media: large LED screens on different sides of the exhibition stand to attract client's attention and introduce promotional materials, touchscreens touch pads, robots moving in the stand, multi-media graphic projections. including luminous, 3D and so on;
  • Information desk: reception is of irregular shape lined with paintless material with bright illumination;
  • Furniture: design or premium one;
  • Extra: 3D logos with backlit illumination of different size; zonation: bar, meeting area, chill-out, kitchen, product, objects, master-class show area; uniquely designed decoration of the exhibition stand with flowers and a host of other things.

Once a design project presented to your sight we either approve it and move on as planned, or adjust as necessary, and present you the update. After project and graphics approval we will undertake all issues related to exhibition stand structure preparation, fabrication, exhibition stand construction and its dismantling. In our company each project has its manager in charge who controls all work stages, is always in touch, and keeps detailed records.

One-of-a-kind exhibition stands are made using unusual material presentation that is of high interest to the visitors and stands the brand out of competitors, it also allows to place large size samples of products, modelboards and projects within the area. An important fact of any business is that one-of-a-kind exhibition stands facilitate expansion in the number of clients by times just for several days of an exhibition.

One-of-a-kind exhibition stands make it possible to present your company as an industry leader, thus having positive impact on its image. Every meter of the area shall "work" to use the rent space as much as possible, and it is achieved by smart zoning and unique design solutions.

FRESHEXPO experts are ready to develop design-projects from scratch and organize turnkey construction of one-of-a-kind exhibition stand. Our team has the experience of working in the most different cities of Russia and abroad. We successfully carried out construction in many large events that is confirmed by our cases in exhibition sites of Russia (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Novy Urengoy, Ufa, Surgut, etc.).

We worked on foreign expo sites in such countries as:

  • Asia (PRC: Beijing, Shanghai, etc., Vietnam: Hanoi, etc., India: New Delhi, etc.),
  • Europe (Germany: Berlin, Hanover, Düsseldorf, Munster, etc.); France: Cannes, etc.; Poland: Warsaw, etc.; Italy: Milan, etc.),
  • Middle East (Iran: Tehran, etc., Qatar: Doha, etc.; UAE: Dubai, etc.),
  • former Soviet Union (Kazakhstan: Almaty, Nur-Sultan (Astana), etc.; Uzbekistan: Tashkent, etc.; Turkmenistan: Ashgabat, etc.; Azerbaijan: Baku, etc.).

All photos of your interest of our cases you may find in our portfolio, just select a necessary region for review.

Considerable experience of our expert and love of their work enable to create one-of-a-kind exhibition stands of any level and complexity using advanced technologies and innovative materials. Place confidence in our team and we do everything for you to get maximum marginal return of an event with our one-of-a-kind exhibition stand.

We are appreciated for quality of constructed one-off exhibition stands, exact compliance with deadlines and ability to reflect all requests and desires. We update our projects until it becomes perfect in you sight. Using one-of-a-kind exhibition stand made by our company your exhibit will be in the limelight of clients and investors in an exhibition of any level.

For any questions call at 8 (495) 660-60-68 or send e-mail to