Exhibition Stand Design Development

Design development is a one of the key aspects in building an exhibition stand and has a significant impact on the results of exhibition participation. The Exhibition industry is constantly developed, changed and becomes more difficult to stand out of the pack under intense competition of sector companies.

In order to avoid getting the general concept and structure view wrong the experts with long experience in exhibition stand design development and competent in market specifics shall be contacted to. The FRESHEXPO experts have been creating the exhibition stand design-projects of different types and complexity for almost a decade.

A design-project is a thoroughly elaborated concept at the level of space arrangement, construction estimates and costs. Our experienced designers always help select custom solution and determine the details.

Exhibition stand design development includes the following stages as customer’s business examination, exhibit task definition, customer adaptation of necessary working areas and general effect from future structure.

Exhibition stand design development starts with scrutinizing a specification, then a designer creates his sketch, analyzes the company and its business information, and explores a style using information sources.

A general concept, functionality, zoning and basic idea of the exhibit will be elaborated next.

On the next stage first 3D model of a project is created, including drawing the shape, proportions, material and color selection. Then the exhibit is filled with details, presentation media and illumination in order to make the site more attractive in all sense.

As soon as the concept and structure lay-out have been in line, all customer wishes have been adopted, all unique elements have been added, the project is visualized and sent to approval. If approved the project is sent to cost estimation or amended if necessary.

Financial cost for exhibition stand design development shall be estimated in accordance with goals and results a customer wants from participation in an exhibition. The more ambiguous target the more number of exclusive elements will be needed to attract attention; therefore, the higher costs will be.

When developing an exhibition stand design the following aspects as exposition site dimension, brand concept, advertising campaign and company business goals, event participation tasks are considered by the designers.

A designer creating a project shall know the cost and relevancy of different materials applied for construction in order to be within the set budget.

We use floristic decoration, different illumination, water installations, 3D forms, interesting graphic solutions, unusual shapes of reception desk and tables for multi-media in exhibition stand design development.

For the structure to be comfortable to work the space shall be handily arranged and all necessary to the customer areas such as open and close meeting rooms, hidden staff room, bar, kitchen, goods demonstration areas, presentation and show areas shall be proficiently allocated.

When rendering full service of exhibition stand design development and construction we creatively think over exclusive decoration, plan space arrangement in details, analyze and carefully prepare materials to be applied.

Our team builds up based on in-house design-projects only and constructs one-of-a-kind stands standing a participant out of competitors advantageously.

The advantages of our company are high quality and corner cutting at all stages starting with design development and up to disassembling.