Exhibition Stand Construction: Manufacturing, Assembling and Disassembling

Exhibition stand is started to be built up once a design project is approved, the cost estimate is negotiated and the contract is signed. The FRESHEXPO Co builds exhibition stands up based on in-house design projects.

An exhibition stand construction allows to solve several large advertising goals at once and significantly save time and money, in fact if you try to cover the same advertising needs by other methods a great number of extra advertising tools, investments, materials and methods for implementation will be necessary.

Exhibition stands are constructed and fabricated under advanced technology. This can be done due to manufacture and application of upgraded materials. All pre-assembled members of exhibition area are usable, cross functional and safe for health.

We carefully check every detail and control every phase with severity present in us when fabricating a structure. Exhibition stand construction is our business priority, therefore we can guarantee adequate quality of exhibition structures we built up.

Exhibition Stand Assemble

For an exhibition stand to be assembled in a good quality every phase shall be considered as follows:

  • At the preparatory phase all members of the main structure are manufactured at a production site for the exhibition stand to be assembled on-site as a construction kit. Well prepared, good constructed.
  • Assemblers should know the materials, have basic carpenter's knowledge, be able to read design drawings, handle with pneumatic and electric tools.
  • Our team assemble the entire structure just on-site of an exhibition event. Assembling is carried rapidly, effectively, in compliance with all guide standards, regulations and the most importantly within the time specified for assembling. Our project manager is always on site and supervises constantly.
  • The assembling starts with electric cable grooming with leading-out terminals for lamps, outlets, switches, various equipment, water inlet point Internet access point and other equipment are determined.
  • At the same time the floor is laid, a raised floor of 100 or 150 mm high is installed to hide the above mentioned utilities. Then it is covered with carpet, chipboard, laminated plastics or other covering depending on exhibition stand design project.
  • One of the budget choices is to cover the floor with carpet without a raised floor, but it is less comfortable and usable. In case of a raised floor all utilities can be hidden, and in carpet choice all cables to reception desks, tables and equipment will be laid in closed cable trenches from a board. As a consequence, the cable trenches are visible on a carpet surface and impede comfortable and safe movement along the exhibition area.
  • Once the raised floor is made and covered the assemblers start working on suspension. If a suspension takes up insignificant space, raised floor installation and suspension assembling are carried out at the same time. If not, the works are carried out in series, raised floor is the first, then suspension. The suspension is lifted by specially trained climbers. They lift a structure to pavilion roof beams using cables, winches, slings. The suspension is attached by the points.
  • There are special technical department in the Expocenters that is in charge for calculation and lifting suspended structures. These services are paid additionally and directly to this office. Our company experts calculate approximate number of suspension points, slings, winches, and those exact number is determined by the technical department representatives on site and an invoice is issued. The number of the above equipment depends on presence of beams above the exhibition stand location in a pavilion.
  • When the suspension is lifted the walls of the main structure are mounted.
  • Electrical works are carried out by electricians with high access clearance. They mount electrical equipment such as lamps, spotlights, crystallite panels and other luminous elements of the stand.
  • Water connection and supply issue s in charge of Expocenter technicians and is paid separately.
  • The exhibition area is decorated according to the design using painting materials (MDF, Wood chipboard) or paintless (plastics), by banners, self-stick films, drapery, water bubble panels.
  • The final phase includes furniture assembling and installation, multi-media equipment and appliances connection and adjustment, protection film removal from the exhibition stand, cleaning, and decoration with flowers.
  • The ready-made exhibition area is handed over to a client by a manager in charge on the basis of acceptance report.


Once an event is over the exhibition area is handed over by the client and it is disassembled. Disassembling works are subject to the Exhibition Guide rules, one or two days are usually assigned for it.

This is almost a decade our team build up one-of-a-kind exhibition stands in famous international exhibition sites world-wide. Meeting of exhibition stand construction deadlines, compliance of a structure with design project, proper decoration, fitting with multi-media equipment, decor, as well as particular approach to each customer and utmost care of quality are what you get when file a request with our company.