Custom Build Exhibition Stands

FRESHEXPO Company provides full range of services in designing, manufacturing, and building up exclusive custom exhibition stands. Our team keeps in mind all the demands of our clients and offers the best solutions to create the most efficient exhibition stand that will become an ideal presentation for your company and products.

This article describes the process of making custom build exhibition stand in every detail.

There are several steps to prepare and create a custom build exhibition stand:

  • Receiving a Technical Design Assignment and Specifications

There are two options: the first one is when a client sends its own TDA (Technical Design Assignment) to us and the second one is when we send our own fill-in form. Our fill-in form contains all necessary fields required to develop a detailed concept design. It includes the following information:

  1. Client: company name, business area, contacts.
  2. Exhibition: name, place and date rented area size, showroom layout in a pavilion, showroom plan.
  3. Project: conceptual design delivery date, budget, number of tenderers. Project budget plays a crucial role – without a clear understanding of approximate funds it is impossible to start, select the materials and create a concept that is suitable for a client and fits into the budget. Without knowing the amount of financing, we may exceed estimated costs that will lead to the project being simplified and upset the entire concept.
  4. Request for specific design and construction: decoration of a conference area, back office, desks, displays, use of logos, corporate style elements, additional decorative features, multimedia, flowers, amount and size of products to be showcased, marketing goals, and wishes to use certain materials for construction.
  5. Extra information.


  • Developing an Exclusive Conceptual Design

Work on making a conceptual design is not only a creative component of the entire production process of a custom build exhibition stand but also work on understanding the client’s business, defining the tasks to be solved by the showroom, keeping in mind a client’s particular demands to a specific work areas and overall perspective on future stand. Design is more than just a good-looking illustration but an elaborate and mature concept as regards spacing, structural analysis, and expenses.

When TDA is thoroughly analyzed, a stand designer makes a summary with reviewing the information on a company and its business, studies a corporate visual identity using all data sources available, and then outlines the general concept, features, planning, and fundamental idea of future stand.

These preliminary steps will eventually result in the first 3D model containing pre-renders of forms, proportions, materials and colors selected. Further the showroom will be filled with details, impressive features, graphics, and lighting in order to make the stand truly eye-catching.

The design will be visualized and approved only after the initial idea and actual planning agree with one another, all demands are considered, and all unique elements are added. When approved, the conceptual design will be calculated or amended if required.


  • Cost Estimating

After a conceptual design is ready, we proceed to make a detailed cost estimate that should include all nuances and details of construction with calculation of all electrical works, graphics, equipment, furniture, multimedia, flower arranging, labor costs, etc. Such cost estimate must include organizational expenses (accreditation) paid by a stand builder directly to the exhibition’s promoters.

  • Manufacturing

In order to erect a custom build exhibition stand like a LEGO construction set it is essential to manufacture all the pieces in advance. Our own production facilities and highly skilled professionals with years of experience will ensure that development and manufacturing of your exhibition stand will be finished in time and according to the highest quality standards.

  • Erecting a Custom Build Exhibition Stand

Assembling a stand is the most important and demanding part of the entire production process, therefore only highly skilled and experienced erecting staff is allowed to do this work. The erection process consists of several steps: connecting to water and electricity lines, providing Internet connection, assembling a podium, suspended fixtures, structural elements of the stand, graphic decoration, wiring electric equipment and light fixtures, assembling and arranging furniture, show-pieces and exhibits, connecting and setting multimedia devices, freezers, cleaning after installation and, final delivery to client.

  • Exhibition Event

Our company can render additional services during exhibition event: electrician (if the showroom is equipped with large amount of freezers), multimedia specialist (for multimedia systems control), bartender, waiters, translators, hostess, cleaning, etc.

  • Disassembling

Client returns an exhibition stand to the builder by the end of the last exhibition day so we can start disassembling operations, which time and dates are strictly defined by the promoters. After that, all structural elements are disposed of properly with furniture and multimedia devices returned to storage.

FRESHEXPO has all applicable knowledge, technical specifications, and relevant experience for manufacturing custom build exhibition stands. Cooperation with our company will certainly guarantee you some significant benefits. FRESHEXPO is among the few companies engaged in the exhibition and fair show market that is capable of designing and building up an exclusive exhibition stand of the highest quality. Our stands are built flawlessly so that our clients are always satisfied, visitors are delighted, and competitors are impressed during exhibition.

FRESHEXPO is characterized not only by its professional competence earned through designing and manufacturing multiple exhibition stands but also a humanly attitude and positive philosophy that we extend to our business activity.

So if you need to shift to the next quality level of your exhibition stands, guarantee to attract potential customers and partners, gain support and get all necessary information during your first or permanent participation in an exhibition, choose FRESHEXPO Company and our specialists will help you finding the best solution.