FRESHEXPO offers unique design solutions for shops, show rooms, and retail spaces.

Our specialists start working on interior design with immersion into our Client’s business. We study features of your products and look for ways to showcase their advantages — with large display windows, additional lighting, wide passways, advertising banners with information about discounts, promotions, sales or new collections.

Send your request to order interior design service or get a finished technical design specification from our managers.

  • Services
  • Zoning
  • Furniture
  • Interior landscaping

  • General shop interior design concept development;
  • Project visualization and agreement;
  • Calculation of all works and services;
  • Flooring preparation and covering;
  • Walls and partitions erection;
  • Highlighting for display-cases and exposition;
  • Artistic design;
  • Production and assembly of reception desk;
  • Production and assembly of raised floors for Customer’s products;
  • Furniture arrangement and interior decoration.

To come up with the best design solution tailored to your unique product, FRESHEXPO specialists plunge into your business. We study features of your products and then zone your shopping floor space to create a certain route along which your shop visitors will move.
Design finishing and décor elements are arranged according to this plan. Furniture, display cases, partition-walls, hangers (for clothes) are chosen based on the agreed budget and general style.
When developing design projects for retail spaces, shops, and show-rooms, it is essential to showcase the advantages of your products. And so it is very important to know your target audience. If it is mothers with children, then the best way to go would be to embrace the senses and emotions, to create a miraculous fairy world, into which you want to fling yourself whole-heartedly and never leave. If your products are targeted at business people, then the most appropriate style is laconic chic — deep bright colors and maximum attention to placement of the best items.

FRESHEXPO specialists will select and supply furniture for your show-room or shop interior according to the agreed design project.

Interior landscaping

Corporate style in shop interior design

Design project for a shop can be held up in your brand style. This allows to create a recognizable brand image strongly associated with only one owner, which highlights your proposition among competition.